BOX Assembly Display Case 3628 for Brick Toys


When it comes to collecting Lego Minifigures, many of us would want proper display cases to showcase. There are many sizes and types of display cases available in the market these days so majority of us would preferable getting good quality made cases. In this post, I will take a look at the BOX assembly display case 3628 (*model/product code) made for brick toys. In the content, you will get three-step detachable brick base and also separate windows cover clear plastic. The size complete assemble measure by 250mm (L) x 145mm (W) x 120mm (H).


The three-step brick base is made compatible with most brick toys sold in the market. The Lego bricks do fit pretty nicely while playing around except there are some studs I do encounter feeling loose when putting the minifigures. This can be resolved by using Lego brick plates. But just don’t forget, you have option turning into either two-step or flat base of your choice. *The photo below (end) is an example I display my Lego minifigures (35).


For the separate window covers, no tools are requiring assembling. It just there is no interlocking like on both side windows to hold them properly until you put the top cover. The downside is, you cannot stack on top with the same display case. The bottom of the base is exactly the same size with the top window cover which means slightly shake, it falls.


While it may not consider perfect display case for Lego collectors, the plastic quality use in making the brick base is good. Even the clear plastic windows covers are thick strong. Of course, there is some concern how much weight can it hold and torture. If the size of the top windows covers unable to stack the same display base, you can only put the smaller version on top so I don’t think there is much problem. For a price of BND17.90 each, I personally think it worth the purchase. It just whether the local toy shops decided to stop selling or not in Brunei. I see the demand there and hopefully they continue to do so. Otherwise, we have to get it from online stores.

Personal Opinions:-

The Good The Bad
  • Reasonable price.
  • Step base detachable.
  • Good plastic quality and strong clear windows plastic,
  • Compatible with Lego.
  • Some studs feel loose for minifigures.
  • Self assemble windows cover a bit tricky.
  • Same display case cannot be stack on top due to the bottom base size is same with top cover.


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