Toy Collectors Slowly Target by Thieves?

Have you ever worry and question about this issue? I did and somewhat happening. My modeling beat up dirty toolbox just got snatched for no reason and not even single things you can say its valuable. It really caught me off guard seeing my Gunpla cabinet gets open this morning. Hard to say if this any related to drug abuse thieves wanted to find thinner to sniff. Geez....Why my toolbox?
Looking at how the thieves' behavior searching my cabinet in our home front entrance (inside). He/she knew what they trying to look for. The toolbox inside contain, the sand papers, filers, cutter, brass rod, thinner, cement or whatever I can remember. This stuffs already cost me between BND60-70.00+. Luckily I separate the most of the tools into different storage boxes earlier to prevent minimum losses. Now I have to guess when the thieves might going struck our house again and this is worrying what we might lost next.

No doubt the toy collections are already popular these days especially when we looking at mint in seal box (MSIB) that worth more than a hundred to a thousand in the market. If the thieves are smart and starting to realize, probably they are going to after it in the future. Seems like I have to invest security tech for home soon.


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