Brunei Toy Convention 2015 – Vendors

With Brunei toy convention ended on 2nd August, there are still many not realize or visit the event. If you didn't make it there, no worry, I got it covers with plenty photos and still spend time reorganize to post separately.

The event itself wasn't big compared to the last EACON 2012, but not disappointed because you got to see something different this time as the toy collectors get together contribute a lot of their great toys and effort setting up exhibition display for the public viewing. I'm not sure who owned the Hot Toys figures, looking at the impressive numbers they got there probably can get you at least a car. This shows how crazy we collectors really are. *Photos will be in separate post. 

For vendors, it sure does have some new faces turned up in the event. Hot Wheels collectors making appearance as well selling and hosting drag race competition. Sad to say, I didn't really pay too much attention to Hot Wheels products ever since from childhood. Of course for those who is a collector may find something interesting there. 

When it comes to interesting, yes, I did grab something off from one of the toy market that was very rare chance obtaining nowadays. The Lego minifig Galaxy Patrol, Samurai Warrior, Space Villain and Battle Mech all for total $20.00 (BND). A bit dusty, at least it's cheap. =P 

Yes, the Transformers. I got to admit my heart was so tempting buying Transformers Cloud Ultra Magnus from him. It just August is never good month to start with since I just got my KIA Sportage service with battery replace and upcoming old car insurance killing the wallet hard. 

Since I am nowadays very skeptic and careful buying 3rd party Transformers toy. Having a chance close up look at the Planet X products at scene gives me time to think if I should save up collecting all dinobots Cybertron version. The toy itself was really details and great for display in the shelves.

No doubt that this year is all about masterpiece series. But to me, Takara products just have design flaws and issues that continue put me off the cart. I am glad able to get rid MP Grimlock few years ago without bother thinking ever buying again. Still, collectors who love the old Transformers cartoon characters should prepare for the worst since the 3rd party companies now stepping in to bring out your favorite character into the market aggressively.

Finally, the rest of the vendors selling Gundams, comic action and trading figures. I couldn't really find anything more since they don't actually bring a lot to sell and Japanese products weren't much either. Gundams is out of question as my existing already cost me who knows how many years to finish.

One vendor who display The Walking Dead construction set series did indeed catch my attention. I can't imagine the toys itself was freaking build from Lego like and not to mention the overall looks in amazing details. Learning it was made by McFarlane, visit their website and found the upcoming construction set is Game of Thrones in fall this year. Defintely looking forward what else they might bring to the table next!

Next post, the toy exhibition!


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