Nearly Sick But Tiring

Gosh, these past few weeks were tiring working on site office before the deadline and sleep at early hours. Now the site operation has started and continue to go back and forth almost every day going to get you sick sooner or later with such terrible hot weather. Not only that, we all had to deal with the bad smell from the haze as well that burns non stop for weeks.

I don't remember when did the last sickness kick in last year. But because terrible heat, it finally caught me with fever, flu and cough on Friday. Never like this kind of combination. Luckily I recovering now today since taking lot of resting during weekend, my day off, dammit! Only the flu are annoying as usual. Tomorrow, I should be fine working again and just need to be careful what to eat since I even had three mouth ulcers which I accidentally wounded biting.


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