The Trouble of Dog Killers

That fuckers really done it this time! I can't believe this bastard went around poisoning the dogs even those with registered badges! My dogs are heavily affected and one died on the spot. The other one is still suffering and screaming for whole days. This seriously bad disturb the neighbours especially during at midnight. I wanted to bring the dog to the vet as I willing to help pay half for it because the medical expense does not come cheap. But the owner until now didn't give any damn answer, probably my guess she doesn't give a shit about it.

Now my sister and I could do is tried our best putting panadol and put in sugar to the water for the dog to relieve some pains at the same time avoid screaming trouble at night. However, the poison is terrible strong that could have done a lot of damage. So I try to give stomach relieve medicine to see if it would work. Nonetheless, the dog is stubborn not eating the medicine and cheat us throwing it out. I have to use force and watch her. Damn, this is headache.


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