HGUC 1/144 - GM Cannon II 'Anti-Ship Type'

This is my last 2012 year Gunpla work participate in EA CON 2012. Nope, I didn't win. Too bad, yes, but it was a fun competition.

GM Cannon II 'Anti-Ship' was a last minute idea that based from GM Sniper Custom design. Although the entire built didn't show much on modifying. It was too hard to think when my time are limited once a week and my order didn't arrive early as expected. So I have force to use on the existing Kotobukiya weapons stocks and the remaining Gunpla parts lying around in the box.

One of them is the Gundam GP02 MLRS parts left inside the box for almost five years. It would be huge waste leaving around not using it. This decision kicks in replacing Kotobukiya weapons to give more improved looks to the GM Cannon II. Using Hi-Zack backpack also part of the idea from the Advance of Destiny RGM79SR GM Sniper III and it saved me from wasting time housing the MLRS.

To be honest, out of all idea. I love how I did to the combination heavy machine gun using Kotobukiya weapons. A lot of them in the event doesn't know and curious about it. Again, thanks to the Jesta cannon machine gun design. It is impossible to achieve without their original idea.

As for the painting, everything uses spray tin. Nah, I'm not going to invest on spraying booth, never!

  • Tamiya Gun metal
  • Tamiya Nato Green
  • Tamiya Candy Lime Green
  • Tamiya Gunship Grey
  • Tamiya Aluminum


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