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Full Review on QQeStore

Update February 03, 2007: Finally, I decided to post a full review on good or bad experience and some difficulty on processing my ordering items in our local shop at QQeStore. These also includes the customer services phone call and email response I received from them as well. :evil:If you want to know what camera I'm getting at QQestore. Here's the link. First time at QQestore

Since this is my first time buying stuffs from local online shop. I would start off talking about the website, services, and especially their products. The website are very nicely done and clean I had to say. Searching for latest gadgets products are relatively easy too. Not to mention their open pricing they update weekly including their latest offer. Surprisingly, they really quite able get a lots of latest gadgets stuffs put up in their online store, mostly everything you might able to find like mobile phone, MP3 players, PC hardware, game console etc. The most attractive things that many customers alw…