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Gundam Front Tokyo Goodies!


Nope I didn’t fly to Japan, my sister does. I give her money to help me loot some goodies there since she also interested visiting Gundam Front Tokyo (GFT) last year before the place closing down on March. I do feel a bit regret buying few of the stuffs because when it comes to buying directly in Japan, you need to be careful and check the website for tax-free zone details.

GFT shop is not tax-free zone and you can’t claim GST either even you are tourist. I made mistake focusing on something I want so badly and it cost me, a lot. Lesson learned, next time only go for t-shirt and limited stuffs that worth paying for.

  • GFT Haro Chocolate Tin

  • GFT Cookie Tin (RX-78-2 Gundam printing)

  • GFT T-Shirts: Char-San & Gundam Phoenix 03

  • Ver. GFT FW Limited Converge Gundam Unicorn Phenex 03 & Type RC

  • FW Converge Red Frame (Flight Unit)

  • GFT warning signs: paper note

  • GFT pins (gift from sis)

Total Cost = 12,253 YEN (Plus 8% GST)

Which one I regret the most in the list? It has to be FW Gundam Converge EX 10 Red Frame (Flight Unit). It should have avoided and get from online shops instead and no tax include. The second will be paper note. I first thought the GFT signs are stickers. Well, it turns out not the case.

GFT_Goodies_2016 - Haro_01 GFT_Goodies_2016 - Haro_02

GFT_Goodies_2016 - Haro_03

GFT_Goodies_2016 - MSGundam_01 GFT_Goodies_2016 - MSGundam_02 GFT_Goodies_2016 - MSGundam_03

In case, you wonder about the cookies and chocolate. The tastes are quite all right and I just want to point out that I am collecting the tins especially Haro.

GFT_Goodies_2016 - T-Shirts

The t-shirts are nice especially Char-San design. There are mostly for collections and only wear on special toy events. =D

GFT_Goodies_2016 - FWGundamConverge

Speaking of FW Gundam Converge, I honestly didn’t expect both limited Gundam Unicorn Phenex 03 and Type RC still available in GFT Shop. These two have been released for quite a while and thought it was goner. It’s hardly come by from online shops and now expensive even they are selling in eBay. I am really happy able to get directly without going through 3rd party.

Lastly, nothing special. THE PINS!!!

GFT_Goodies_2016 - Pin


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