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LR-GAT-X102 Regen Duel E

Regen Duel E was my previous incomplete backlog work under Seed VS Astray theme. It’s not easy to continue without reworking and repair some mistakes. Luckily it went nicely without making it worst. My target completion was supposed to be last month. The Tamiya Gun Metal, Light Gun Metal and Gunship Grey spray paints haven’t stock up in the local shop. So I decide to try out other colors to test and second replacement in case out of stock again during painting process.

Frame Arms - Type 32-5 Zenrai Light Assault Type I

It was fun building non-Gundam model kit from time to time and this is my second time working on Frame Arms. Zenrai Light Assault type I theme use both Zenrai Assault Type and Extend Arms 01 in the mix. There isn’t much on the kit bashing because I couldn’t get much idea how to start with it. So I much more relies using option parts to do touch up some details. The only modification so far is the EA01 weaponry that I am good at messing around. It just a minor changes and turn into more alike long range gun type while maintaining its sword standard. I am quite happy with the final result but I do feel somewhat not adding more stuffs. Anyway, I will try something different next time when I start working on Frame Arms kit again.

Investigating Missing Lappy

Usually the check up procedure is done by me weekly. After working outside more frequent than ever I now am doing it on monthly whenever I have the time. I don’t really care much about but it still my job to keep track and making sure the equipment's are available. Just recently I am playing detective investigating both missing laptop and projector in our stock. Not like I really wanted to get myself involve and nosy on such thing but it has to be done somehow because both of these IT stuffs were missing and nobody notice at all even ask question where it rental too. I have to go through all my emails and check my own car if I ever use it on-site. Quite frustrated at that time and going through the booking log to trace back. Of course, most of us knew and already suspect that kid has forgotten to bring back. He is the person responsible on that location where the meeting took place. Since I already fed up screwing him, still, proof and evidence are require before you accuse someon…