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Demerit Points System Trial Start on May in KB

DPS (Demerit Points System) trial announced coming on May this year for Belait district. No one knows where they plan to installed this hardware's at. But you guys better start learning driving slowly not exceeding speed limit. There aren't any single bonus 1 or 2 KM/H so this is a bit challenging for most of our behaviors changes especially without cruise control support in some older cars. I get this information from the officers when they hand out the handbook during the safety check last two weeks ago in Anduki industrial area. I spend some times reading it and did find some questionable rules that doesn't make sense to me. For example, crossing lines and other markings on carriageways are stated as offense. Now, when our roads conditions in Brunei never well maintains, fuckup and holes around that would put us in danger. We have to force to cross the lines to avoid self accident. Are we going to get offense ticket or minus DP? Another one, failure to stop when accide…

Brunei to takes on Pirated Software’s

After reading the article over at BT, I believe this year we might be seeing new IP law changes in Brunei. Even though it is my responsible doing research which free commercial software can be encourage to deploy by the company. The local companies behaviors today continue to ignore and pirating software without any fear of getting raid. Yes, I am very concern about this as a IT Support Technician but no longer care if they don't bother to care and listen. I don't really sees much of them taking these seriously and quite pissed off over insisting me to installed pirated programs so this issue had to go direct to the head awaiting for decision. The raids can be happen anytime and done by anyone who doesn't like the competitors. It already happen three years ago to EcoPrime Networks Sdn Bhd. No one knows how much fine local Microsoft charge for each PC using their counterfeit products. In Malaysia sale of counterfeit law, it's between RM$100,000.00 and up to RM$500,000…

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2

LOL! I didn't even know until now they already released Mortal Combat Legacy web series on Youtube channel two years after showing season two announcement trailer. Many of these cast are well known actors from both TV dramas and movies so I can't wait to download all episodes from season one. Check them all out at Mortal Combat Legacy Youtube channel!

Fuck You Valentine Day!

At least for me who is still single and lonely. But here are the latest The Piano Guys new music video released before Valentine Day. Safe driving and enjoy your day couples!

Ferrari and Shell Lego Promo Sets (30190-30196)

HA! I wasn't expecting the Miri Shell station would sell the Lego promotional sets after seeing my friend assemble in the office. That was a big mistake showing it to me so they need to help me get a whole sets if they went over to refuel their cars. BTW, RM$12.90 each so it was a big saving compared getting from eBay.


HGUC 1/144 - GM Cannon II 'Anti-Ship Type'

This is my last 2012 year Gunpla work participate in EA CON 2012. Nope, I didn't win. Too bad, yes, but it was a fun competition.

Guide on Registering Brunei Citizenship Examination (Update#1)

I never thought registering Brunei Citizenship examination are really fucking inconvenienced. Worst, I don't see blogger write about it either in the web search telling us how and what to bring. So to make this easy, I decided to write the guide for my future reference and hopefully able to help you fellow PR. Avoid Waste of TimeFirst of all, people may told you to register in the capital usually way faster. It's true but my question is, do you really need to be that hurry? Bahasa Brunei are not easy to learned (even most local Malay) and remembering every details of this country takes lots of effort studying. Unless you already a good confidence in speaking and writing, you may go ahead. Still, if you live in Belait or Tutong or even Temburong district. My suggestion go for the nearest and shortest route to the immigration building for registration. The reason I recommend that way are nobody knows when the law and rules will change every years in Brunei (as well announced b…