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eBayee! Oct 2011

In this photo, I brought two rare Alien Conquest (30141) and Creator (30024) from eBay. This is just a small collection and planning to get the ADU forces some upgrade next week. As for this, well, these are the Transformers Micromaster weapon parts. It’s going to get expensive soon due to the economy so better grab it first before he price jumps higher. I decided to spend some time updating my blogger pages. It will be much easier to find my latest toys review and Gunpla work listing. I thought long about having images to do the job. Somehow things weren’t going too good for me recently so better off doing it simple.Anyway, I had done some major update to the reviews, reorganizing and updated the E-Shop database which going to include Lego 3rd party makers too soon.

New Final Fantasy PSP 11 Min Special

Man, just when I stop playing PSP and sold it off. I can’t believe so many new games continue to develop on the system. I am going to grab the PSP Vita no matter what this time.

Fansproject: CA-05 Backfiery Review

The final Fansproject Causality 2011 series, Backfiery has finally joined up with his brothers. First question that mostly going to bother the buyers and collectors. Is there any problem with the toy? Well, it’s not worse than the previous Stormbomb. But this time comes with no back screw! LOL!

Busy Thor

What a busy week after the lightning strike last few days ago. I have been working late dealing lots of problem with the computer hardware in my company even rushing my monthly maintenance services. So I got no time to write review for the Fansproject Backfiery which I got last week. I’m not sure tomorrow planning working on a new Gunpla. Kinda feeling lazy and wanted to take some nap before writing new posts. But I do have to say the current hobby event displaying new Gunpla doesn’t seem to attract me much especially the Gundam Endless Walt and Age lines up. It doesn’t mean I won’t buy them because I really in need of display shelves in my room which I previously unsuccessful getting one after pissed off by the sales lady at Court furniture KB. I probably am going to start looking for one soon and best to wait for more new upcoming HGUC release which I really hope see more HGUC Unicorn line up. Well, I do ask you not to overlook on the 3rd party toy these days. During the Victoria’s …

RGM79C GM Type C Wagtail “Demonstration Unit”

FINALLY DONE!!! Phew~! Quite a challenging upgrades kit to mess with. Without my sample backup, I won’t be able to learn and experiment better way to build it. Wagtail is really a gorgeous upgrade kit and many ways to mix into crazy GM variations type. You guys already have seen many EFSF demonstration work in the internet and hobby magazine. I decided to go a bit different. The description does say AE next generation plan were rejected. This hit my mind turning into more prototype alike since I unsuccessful pulling off the shoulder beam sword modification. My Wagtail doesn’t really look changes not by much. But thanks to Kotobukiya making a great support option parts, helps changing into shoulder thruster styling. The shield retain original with working detachable beam sword. For the lower part, I use back the type C. The overall looks pretty awesome and giving me more idea for the next work.

Worst Scumbags in China Province

You do not need to understand what the guy saying in the video just watch the fucking irresponsible scumbags do to the little girls even the people passing by. This is why I never plan going to China.

Blog Action Day 2011 – Food #BAD11

There is so much to say and we all know for sure present is different from the past. With the increasing populations around the world, we might encounter lack of food access in the future. Climate change and nature disasters can cause destructive to the habitats and locals food producers. Even dangerous chemicals were used today to grow fruits and vegetables that can affect serious health problem. Although I never experience hunger and poverty or conflicts over foods living in Brunei, but focusing healthy lifestyle is priority and choosing right green foods are recommended. So in this year theme, I will write recommendation some important about green foods that have healing power. Until today, I am struggle adjusting my daily foods menu and pushing myself eating green foods. I am too much in love on fast foods and fried meats every year like any teenagers nowadays. Well, human are good at eating anything and many don’t for certain type of foods. For instance, vegetable is never my l…

RGM79C Wagtail ‘EFSF Demonstration Type’ W.I.P

The sanding and panel lining were done yesterday. Only few more parts left to go before spraying prime this week. I am right to have a straight built GM Wagtail sample (photo above) for backup. It really does help me a lot on learning during the work progress and assembling. Yeah, I busted few parts again for experiment because the beam swords storage is the most challenging to work on.

Investing a Dream Home for Fresh Graduate?

The article really posed a funny question and yet interesting talk about better investment plan from the folks at Primeland Estate can offer. I am haunted without home and even impossible to invest a house 9 years now. So how the fresh graduate capable of doing that? Not unless they are from rich family or had huge saving and middle working class with 3-4k salary per month. The article didn’t really describe much how this plan going to work. Maybe attending the exhibition could help you more understanding their plans. I didn’t, but instead went to HSBC bank to look for the home loan specialists on Thursday for advice on investing a home by taking a day off. It was worth it and able to learned better including avoiding future risks. He says, don’t be fool by the bank brochure that thinking getting home loan are easy like cars. First he asked me how much deposit money I can manage to work out together with my family. Is my saving in the bank are enough to cover. This is very important…

Ultimate AT Pest Repeller (Pest-Shop 3000AT)

Never thought I would go and buy this kind of stuffs. It does making me no choice to try it when the pests always come to my room. Especially the lizards are most annoying among them making noises and shit around my window. Not to mention hey they smell bad when it die. The lizards spray only works well for at least two to three days. After that they came back into my window again. They don’t die easily from the normal sprays and continue lay shit into my new car. I hated them so much without knowing how to deal with them anymore. With technology continuing improving everything everyday, probably something or someone might work on some thingy could kill the pests. I discover the Pest–Shop product showcase at Soon Lee in Mumong. It was supply by Olee from Singapore so I did some research which is best for my room and inquiry how to warranty (in case any problem or faulty) issue before purchasing one. I choose the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller (Pest-Shop 3000AT) device which cost BND$59.90 a…

Gundam TR-1 Advance Hazel II Sniper Custom

Ha! My first Advance of Zeta Gunpla! The result of mix and match Hazel II Sniper Custom unit does make him so heavy type. It just too bad I don’t own any Dengeki Hrududu parts. Otherwise it going to look good compare to the current. I did find a site selling the parts in resin version. The price wasn’t pretty bright and best to forget it.

Blog Action Day 2011–Food

The new theme has announced by BAD2011. The theme is food and should be easy for bloggers who likes to participate and spread across the world. I’m not a good writer but will participate no matter my grammars suck. It’s a global blog event so don’t miss it! The starting date for the posting is on October 16. Before that, remember to register and tag #BAD11 once you post in your blog on that day. Some topics suggestions for your Blog Action Day post (from BAD2011).  My favorite food   The famine in East Africa To be organic or not to be, that is the question. Hunger and poverty. Best and worst food memory Slow Food, Fast Food: What does it actually mean Malnutrition Conflict over Food: Will new wars be about arable land? Is your hamburger hurting the environment?
It takes 24 liters of water to produce one hamburger. That means it would take over 19.9 billion liters of water to make just one hamburger for every person in Europe. Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat eater – Which one are y…

Fansproject: CA-03 Thundershred Extra

This is extra photo shoot for Thundershred additional weapon posing. The new shuriken was received from Stormbomb order.