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Toys “R” Us Open in Brunei

Many great joy and cheers finally seeing Toys “R” Us open in Brunei. Last Sunday I (with sis and cousin) went over there after sending my mom and nephew to the airport. The location isn’t really friendly finding for KB folks. I did remember how to get there in the past (5-6 years) but needed to drive around to recall the way.

The place occupied almost half the blocks and sees tons of toys there. Damn, what a wonderland for me. But what are cost of the toys there? Seriously I don’t know if it would be correct comparing to Miri branch? My cousin can answer since he brought many toys over there. According to him, yes, most of the toys here are cheaper around 5-7+. It may not be much because you can’t compare the current high exchange rate for ringgit.

So did I get anything there? Well, I choose Lego City 4 in 1 Super Pack currently sold for BND$39.90. I was thinking about going for Nerf Stampede which price at $79.90 with extra free bullet pack. Thanks to my carelessness overly order Gunpla last month. I have to limit my budget spending for this month.

It just too bad I haven’t seen any Lego Space Defense Force Alien Conquest there yet even not seeing any Transformers Reveal the Shield. Probably because just open not long ago so may be more coming sooner I hope. Not sure if we might expect seeing Toy “R” Us exclusive toy there or not. If there are, man I am going to drive up there to hunt more toys since I got a membership card during my purchase.

For your information, you must spend more than BND$50.00 to be eligible getting free membership card. The card are usable in Asia no matter which Toy “R” Us branch you visit. If you got the card from Miri, you can also use it there.


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