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Expressive Art Convention 2011 – Day One Cosplayers Gathering

Not much too says but except the bad news lately. It seems like the some of the parents who attend the events are not happy and started complains in the BB HYS. Of course, I don’t really see any problem with the cosplayers that day and not even slightest showing any sexuality of their skins. So what went wrong that day, probably because of the mass photographers causing stir among the parents fearing their children (especially girls) widely expose to the internet. I respect the parents concerns and safety of their child. Hopefully it won’t cause so much trouble getting the cosplayers ban in Brunei. Hit read more for day 1 photos.

Expressive Art Convention 2011 – Day One Part 2

After finished browsing the tiny shop (read part 1), the MC began the welcome speech. Few minutes later, the Silent Hill Pyramid Head cosplayer (who is one of the organizers) walking toward the stages doing what cosplayers do. I thought at first if they were doing Silent Hill promotion for some reason. LOL. I didn’t expect it also part of the opening, luckily they pull that off doing interviewing and jokes. The speakers installed there it’s lousy and sound broken on the left. Not you sure about you guys, I am having little hard time understand what they were talking when watching on the side and the middle. It gets little worst when the place crowed with more people.

Expressive Arts Convention 2011 – First Gunpla Competition

First of all, I do have to thank Expressive Arts Convention organize the competition, workshop talks and allow our works to display to the public’s. It is a good start introducing the modeling hobby to the visitors. I am also happy meet up with other modelers and have a nice chat sharing our interest on Gunpla work.

Expressive Art Convention 2011 – Day One Part 1

The Expressive Art Convention (EA CON) event was held at Asma Hotel in Jerudong for two days (16th and 17th July 2011). It was really a good selected location and easy to find. Park your car outside or basement and head to the front door. Take the stairway up and go straight you will see the EA Con banner. I got there exact 9AM. Probably I am nervous thinking had to register on time for the Gunpla competition. To my surprised, the place already was starting crowded with cosplayers. I have to be honest. This is the first time in my life seeing real live cosplayers. Hey I’m just a poor guy never been to Japan and attend any cosplayers event before. So forgive me being a village adult.

Expressive Art Convention 2011 Round Up! #2

Alright, I am still busy uploading and writing the my coverage posts. So it might take a while to get it up since I only upload the photos to my FB for my friends to check out first. For the meantime, check out the others news and bloggers say about the event which I collect from search including friends links. Local News: What Bloggers Says:Superion Sky Raven – See You Next Time, Expressive Art Convention  and EA Con GundamGlow JR - Quest of The Photographer Wannabe – EA CON Skit Competitions, EA CON Day One Short Review and EA CON Start Today. Shewsbury Land – Gundam Competition, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

EA CON 2011 Experience

The EA CON has finally finished, I’m sure many local bloggers and cosplayers will be posting photos and videos mad. There will be tons of photos from me too. Although I did takes video, it requires editing and resizing down first. While I was there, some cosplayers or probably bloggers were doing interviewing and recording the events. So probably you will sees them on YouTube as well. I will also try to search for it and link them here. For now, I am going to updating my blog template. It’s time for a new one.

Don’t Believe Something That is NOT TRUE! #1

Two days ago, I was having a conversation with my friend about our admin Malay girl possibility she is pregnant. He told me that probably she didn’t tell us because she will lose her baby if she told us instead to her husband or family. What the fuck? Time out! Time out! Say what again? You are telling me that if she tells us first she will lose her pregnancy? Where the fuck did he gets this kind of rumor from? Is this from the Malay culture or what? He told me that this is true and even applied to the Chinese as well. You know what. BULLSHIT! This is the stupidest traditions joke ever heard in my life. I don’t know whom he gets this rumor from. I bet this person who has sense of humor is trying to scare the couples or women in the past and suddenly passes down to the next generation. Now I can remember why many of my cousins kept quiet about their pregnancy in the previously before telling the families and cousins. I don’t understand why people are so easily continue to fall this kin…

No Cash No House in Brunei

It is good news for us PR resident able to buy house and apartment for 90 years or less now in Brunei. But if you are just average income employees, we have two problems to face. Since, our country is not same as other countries offer better housing because of the small land and also applying national housing is impossible if you are not holding yellow IC. The alternative is tried look for apartments or finished built housing.
Thanks to my lovely father, giving everything away to the second wife and ended up paying rental in our own father house. I have been trying finding a affordable for housing to loan so it will be easier to invest rather continue giving the hard earn money away to step mother for free.
Finding is easy, when it comes to money, we totally have none. It comes to my attention the owners and contractors are interested more on cash rather than allow paying in bank loan these days. It was a nightmare even an apartments owners heading the same direction. Of course, some of…

GN-X Gladius Full Saber

This is GN-X Gladius Full Saber model kit submission I built last month for the upcoming EA CON Gunpla competition open category next week. To be honest, I don’t really much like the final result I worked on. There is still more room to improved of this kit but due to my lack of time, I have to finished before submitting. Never mind, I entered the competition just for fun since this is the first time organize in Brunei.

Transformers 3: DOTM and Window Shopping

Since I already got my salary yesterday and happen to taking off for yesterday. I decided to drive straight to The Mall and grab my ticket for Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie 3D in the morning without second thought. Not going to say much or spoiler alert here but sure better than Revenge of the Fallen. Although, there is feeling some cut scenes in there which push the story too fast. The movie itself this time also didn’t introduce much on the new characters and less action for the bots too. Hopefully we are going to sees some extra cut scene in Blu-Ray release soon. After the end of the movie, I drop by Go Figure! to check out toys if there anything I plan to get. So far Halo Reach was the main attracting toys wanted to collect and have them in my display cabinet for a long time. The price is good for me except the two pack figure somehow does seem to be over price. Sorry, I just use to buying online and did a research for the two pack pricing. EBay Singapore sells the two pac…