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Loan Approved, YES!

After having a bad nightmare with online merchant, I was relieve a bit when receiving good news about my car loan was approved by the HSBC bank. I thought mine was approved by BIBD, but somehow it was rejected according to my agent. Of course, I am expecting that coming. I don’t why but I can sense that they don’t welcome much for the Chinese applications and without any saving account too.I really don’t care anymore. As long it was approved, I am happy able to get a new car soon this coming August. This is going to be challenging life for the first time and there won’t be any toys for me anymore starting on that month except until my bonus released this year. The monthly loan amount was B$450+ and it affect quite heavy for my own income spending. Well, I do have a lot left but other simply had to goes to my unemployed mother and stupid house me staying in with the step mother. Nonetheless, there are more things I have to worry next year after getting a new car, insurance …

My First Open Case in Paypal

I can’t imagine this is the first time filing an open case against (China online retailer) in These guys are trying to avoid their responsibility and false promises refund my money, last week. I have no idea what the hell happen to them because until now, not a single mail has been reply from them after sending starting on Sunday. I check through the Google them if any suspicious movement on their website. But still, no lucks finding any lead.I advise all of you not to buy stuffs from them. is not a safe site buying toys and been known sending damage products to buyers.

Alan Wake Live Action Prequel

You don’t have to be gamers especially ladies who don’t played or interested. But you should watch this six episode mini-series because this is a very nice short live horror thriller TV prequel about a newspaper journalist experience in Bright Falls town before the arrival of Alan Wake which the rest of the story require to play in XBOX 360 to find out more.It is quite a popular horror game and sad that it won’t come to PC platform. Recommend for everyone to download and watch. Oh make sure you watch during at night with your lights off because it was really well made frictional horror-thriller TV mini-series. All six episodes are available at Youtube and check out the interview at here too. Hope they even made it to movie as well.Episode 1 – Oh Deers Episode 2 – Time Files Episode 3 – Lights Out Episode 4 – Flavor Episode 5 – Off the Record Episode 6 – Clear Cut (Ending)

PowerColor ATI Radeon HD5770 1GB PCS+

Finally my long awaited upgrade for my PC arrived yesterday. I know this is not the high end card or something, but I have to say it’s enough running most of the latest PC games today at highest quality mode! I tested few of the games loaded in my PC and it’s really gives ton of punch on the graphic at full resolution 1680x1050 on my Dell 22” LCD monitor. I really enjoying on the smooth gameplay. Although turning on to maximum AA and AF does degrade the performance on the games. But so far, it was minor lag and entirely playable in acceptable frame rate even on Supreme Commander 2 (Buy!)demo with plenty of units shooting around.I also benchmarking and tested on the first person shooting (FPS) games like Resident Evil 5 (Buy!) and Wolfenstein 2 (Buy!). Both of them are at playable smooth framerate on maximum setting. Currently the last game I am planning to test was Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II (Buy!). But something is wrong and currently unable to launch because there are updates g…

Car Loaner Panic!

Yes, I am one of them and mine application was rejected by HSBC today even it was my first loan, not to mention totally clean guy. Everyone is now in panic mode and submitted early than I am which according to the agent whose helping me applying to my application was told that it were simply too much for them to handle and asked to go to another bank to apply.This is sucker than I can imagine. I don’t know if there is any chance for me but I decided to try before June. However, I am quite mad about HSBC because my saving, credit card and salary all pay through over there (by my long time customer local company). Why can’t I easily get applied by its own house? Feel like I was unwelcome.I know the interest fee was a bit higher than other banks out there. Comfort and easy was my main priority. You really just want to stick with one bank and let them do all the transactions easily in one way rather than rushing to another bank settling the payments separately and it’s really annoying whe…

Starcraft II Collector Edition Is Up in PA

I just pre-order my own just now, been waiting for quire a while!! Buy at!

25% Down Payment Loan for New Cars Next Month

Seriously, that was FUCK! I got a wind about this that it going to take effect starting next month. What the fuck? I worked like shit for seven years to endure using old crappy car. Now I am going to get stuck again with it after I am now able to afford for car loan this year? 25% of down payment is not a huge joke and you need at least a year to save that much for B$19,000 like Toyota VIOS value. If I am going to buy those car values from B$30,000, this would take for three years worth of saving and possibly impossible.All the car sales agent are also affected as well because there will be huge impact on their business and for us as well. I don’t know, but I can tell it will sooner, higher car price maybe. Think about the car genuine spare parts and services might even raise more. I totally disagree these new rules and it doesn’t even make sense for those of us (old car owners) who have to suffer as well. Not all of us are fucking rich and in no way we are able to pay such a huge per…

eBay is Evil

Yes, eBay is really an evil shopping site. I was so obsesses looking for shits all days and every night. Not just Transformers only. PC parts, old junks, tools, shoes and more pending that is currently unknown within me. You can find almost everything there and being so crazy sticking it from December last year until now. I really need to get away from it and that it October for sure.Looking for China products are the most interesting. Almost all China and Hong Kong sellers are selling over there in eBay. The price is damn cheaper than those sell in Brunei and comes with free shipping. Not bad huh? It just a question whether it will deliver to us or not. That’s why we have to make sure the seller have a good rating and positive records before making any purchase.I also happy able to find some PC technician tools there that can support my works. For instance, like networking tools and testers. Almost all of them come with very cheap price. Thanks to that, I am able to discover a new Ch…

eBay is Evil – April Bidding 2010

Finally got my two winning items from the post office last few days ago. I thought it might be gone forever after the volcano eruption and delaying all the flights even almost got into fight with one of the seller because I haven’t receive my stuffs yet. Luckily it arrived safely and enjoying my Transformers expansion display. The toys I got from eBay are Walmart (US store) exclusive Transformers Universe Hardhead US$21.50 and 2 Pack value (The Data War and War of the Waves) US$7.99.

For Sales! Revoltech ARX-07/08 and Gurren

I decided to sell off my three Revoltech Yamaguchi version off my collections by set. They are loose display item comes from smoke free home and only open once for displaying, played and put back into the original box after taking photos. What’s the reason of doing this? I do not have any display shelf.

Selling set price: B$50.00
Please note that some parts of the area are originally loose after unboxed. But everything are perfectly good condition. Read the review for more picture. Feel Free to contact me if you are interested! Thank you!

For Sale! CM Hyper 212 CPU Fan

This is a brand new first released version of Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU fan for desktop PC supporting LGA775 (Quad, dual core and extreme) / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 / 940 / 939 / 754 sockets. The box color is starting to wear off. It is still good in conditions, seal and clear tapes warping around (damn my friends). Of course same goes for the CPU heat sink and comes with one blue led fan running 2000 R.P.M speed (19 dBA). Extra bracket is included as well for installing second fan.You can find out more information about this product at the official website especially for the dimensions size to ensure your chassis can support it. Please note that LGA1366 (only i7) is supported, but the brackets are optional and not included on the first release version.FINAL price is B$40.00. Anyone interested please contact me using the menu link above. Thank you.

Stupid Old Car

Damn my old car fooling around at the time like this. The clutch fluid suddenly went empty on the first day of May. I already refill it two days ago but never expect this coming so fast which I normally done once a week, even twice. It was lucky that this was not a serious problem but just had to park on the road side in a hot day and asked my friend for help, drove me to buy the brake & clutch fluid. The old car is getting lots of problem every each month, seem like it’s time for me to get a new car sooner.I already recently did some survey pricing for new cars release this year. Quite a lot of impressive design and especially those SUV type cars are cheaper nowadays. Currently the new Hyundai Tucson 2010 version strikes me. It looks sporty, nice design, big space, and good price (B$27,000.00 plus for low spec). Also receives well reputation from many reviews and the local agent car servicing are cheaper compare to NBT. I haven’t check with the local agent, according to the offic…

Project Robobuz

Don’t you think the custom made toys are getting popular nowadays? I just read my twitter this morning and found out a new group toy maker known as The Design Assembly GmbH going to release their own transformable bus. You can check out the picture and Youtube video (below) how it looks like. Well, they are not Autobot or Decepticon, probably different factions and even not related to anything at all.The pre-order price was up few days ago and update includes plus shipping at the total price for €24.95 and to be release in September 2010. I just pre-order one for myself since the toy looks quite cool and has articulated ball joints. I shouldn’t miss out this rare robot bus design.