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Sunday Last Nov Fever

Glad to have a three days holiday! I was supposed to post this up yesterday but my body won’t listen because I was overwork on Saturday during the exercise and now full of body pain. Today I’m feeling better after taking an afternoon nap.Sunday. I didn’t expect this time going to the capital. If it wasn’t about sending my mom to the airport, I will never move my ass from the bed. But the plan change because my company was taking off on today, so I decided go for some window shopping without worrying exhausted on the next day. After that, my sister and I went straight to Mata Mata area first for massaging. Oh well, something you need to worry about your health rather than just keeping update on your toys. But after arriving there, my sister told me we are too early because the shop opens at twelve. Since we arrive hour early, we decide to drop by Supersave for some shopping.I did spot some interesting product over there. One of them is Nutrient Water (NW). Many of us may never hear of …

No Black Friday for Me

It’s crazy indeed for this year Black Friday sales kicking off. For me, I brought none this week and this is the first time holding myself such long without spending any of them. Well, there were a lot of things I wanted to get. Somehow, the second thought feeling just get in the way. Nah, not big deals anyway or ever felt regrets. It just that there is pre-order pending in my list this month so I am hoping to save it for next month instead. I also don’t really like to cross my monthly limits spending and you really got to feel secure with some cash in your banks in case for emergency. Getting a better job pay doesn’t mean I should spend recklessly. You need to set a rule for yourself.Okay, Christmas is coming fast next month. Hopefully we might be expecting some sales kicking off again while we are seeing so much insane sales and promotion this year. I already pre-order a few from Ami Ami store for next month and probably expecting some additional also. One of them is Dengeki Hobby m… E-Store Review

I’m pretty sure every one of you toys or games buyers know about (PA). It was a well known Hong Kong online store through out the internet gaming site. I have been buying from them once in a while. Most of them nowadays are PC games and bargain trading figures or Final Fantasy figure. PA can be considering my first online toys store I shop when I first got my espeed install few years back. After my cousin introduced Hobby Link Japan, I slowly move away from them due to the price different and better economical shipping. Well, of course, back then the exchange rates for SG to Yen was good and at the same time there is no free shipping policy either.First impressionIt’s easy to guess what is selling when you first enter to the website as everything was well categories and allows you to choose what kind of items you wanted it to list out.Good things about them that not only they sell toys but also sells original consoles and PC games, music’s, movies, books or …

We Save Nothing from Trade In

I have been hearing so much noise about trading in your old computer hardware’s for getting a new great price for few months now. Some say you trade in your old CRT and get a free LCD which is absolutely crap information or totally misunderstanding explains from one another. I already look into it and was just Concepts Computer doing the trade in promotion for quite a while.To be honest, you are simply giving away your CRT and printer away grantee for free in the beginning. I do not know about the projectors since I’m not into this gadget. But it just doesn’t make sense at all, no matter how I look at the trade in price offer to consumers. If I can get a HP AIO printer as low B$100.00 in other computer shops, what’s the point of trading in my dead or old fine working printer for Epson $98.00? Even when I look at the trade in Acer LCD 20” wide monitor price, Netcom Computer offer the same selling the price around B$199.00 (B$188.00 was the previous promotion). What’s the catch here? Ar…

Eva Provisional Unit 05

Hit “Read more”~!!!
Finally Eva Provisional Unit 05 (movie version) has joins Mari Illustrious Makinami! It took me a while to get it after I couldn’t get it during my pre-order in HW Japan and also missed out the theatrical version back on June. This time I simply got it from Hong Kong instead which is much easier.
What surprise me the most is an extra mini assemble Borg included inside the box. The downside is, only two articulations on the arm are movable so which is why I didn’t take any picture of the posing. The rest are just fixed and nearly trying to break it because I did not realize while figuring out why it won’t move. Although the articulation can be replaced, you just need to buy it from Revoltech or other online store in Japan which I so far able to find only at Toy-Wave. Same as usual, a nice packing and colors design coming from Revoltech. But I still mad at getting the toy being so loosely which is worst that not the changeable articulation area. I hate to say that the q… Nov 2009 Order

I went to pick up today in the afternoon after work which is the only day I could go down to town. Nothing much from this month order, it just another extra MG Blue Frame Astray 2nd Revise with bonus pack and Revoltech Eva Provisional Unit 05 (movie version). I did plan to order over US$100.00 to free gift from After knowing what kind of gift you are getting, it just wasn’t worth it. If you are curios what kind of gift I am referring to, it’s the China copy made normal mechanical chain base that only cost US$6.50. As for the MG Blue Frame Astray 2nd Revise, I am glad to obtain the bonus backpack parts. But also the first time owing the three same MG at the same month! OMG! Right now, the only things I can think of are using the bonus pack for building different Blue frame. I already have one idea in mind and going to keep one as original. The extra one will require time to think once I obtain all Seed VS Astray MS. Also, I already tried attaching it to the normal HG 1/10…

HLJ Free Shipping and Others

Yeah, it just started yesterday and I was hoping for better bargain from holiday sales. Not a single one really makes me want to buy anything at all to get the free shipping. I believe there might be more coming from HLJ. But for now, skipping is a good option for me right now.Other than looking at HLJ and Hobby Search sales, I decided to make an order from Ami Ami toy store in Japan. It’s quite a popular store in Japan, so this really has to depend on luck if I might able to get those pre-orders on December. That’s my list for Kotobukiya Kobato figure and Revoltech Full Metal Panic. No more others for now except some discounts items spotted over there. Yes, I am still holding myself NOT to buy! Argggg….damn stupid habit!!!

Japan Crazy Sales for Toys!

There are probably that most of you who didn’t yet take notice about such events coming sooner from many online toy stores in Japan. With the upcoming Christmas celebration, there is without doubt that they are preparing some crazy sales during end of the year. But I am rather surprise that this year is always full of crazy sales and promotions compared to last year.Recently Danny Choo announced the new opening English version of Ami Ami Hobby Shop this week. The store itself already was starting offering some nice discount up to 55% off. It does really make me want to purchase some stuffs over there. I will save it for next year as it look quite promising looking for some discount and event items over there.Another one is Hobby Search just started the special sales today I believe. I just drop by earlier and there are many things I really love to get it. So far the most disappointed sales are under the plastic category. It doesn’t seem to have any interested items I really want at al…

Dreams Becomes True

There has been countless time experience such events in my life and it really come true after I realize it. Everything comes from the dreams I had in from past few months and one of them actually just occur this afternoon. It was truly amaze me from time to time thinking how is it possible our brain could be able to perform such memories of the event that haven’t occur yet in our future? There are no good explanations until today. But I’m sure most probably we are more terrify having the bad dreams related to accident might actually come true. The worst of all I believe.I’m sure most of you don’t really bother about this kind of things. That’s why you guys should check out the new TV series aired recently in the abc channel call “Flash Forward”. Kinda similar thing I mention above. But this is sci-fiction story and it’s pretty good. Recommend for everyone! Watch the promo trailer below.

Slow Update for Past and Now

Truly was, I had to say. My time for keeping my blog update is slower now. My work is getting my way and yes, I sometimes have to work at night in town when there are incoming calls from the bastards. There are nothing can be done when the person who is in charge doesn’t want to go there instead pushing everything back to me and my colleagues. Luckily I am single, so it won’t affect much shit in my life other than less time for watching anime and movies. It really sucks when you have to work with such person in the same office.But I won’t complain as long I get a good pay, that it. This is the second month in the new company so this is going to be quite challenging for me and everything progressing well with new friends. Just a few troubles with my colleagues for mistake me falling in love on a Malay girl. I’m sure the whole office people knew about it sooner or later. A guy like me being a single so long, of course do feel a little wanting to find a partner. But whenever I am looking…