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Kotobukiya Online Shop

I just received the direct news from the Kotobukiya member newsletter today. However, not much news reveals if they are doing international shipping business or just delivery only in US. But we will surely find out after June 2nd when they re-launch their official website,, with new features, latest update product info (I am expecting that) and online shopping capabilities. Jeffery Kashida, president of Kotobukiya's U.S office comments:
"We are very honored and happy to be able to re-launch with new design and great service that has long been awaited for.  We have lots of exciting campaigns and prizes waiting for our fans and we hope to make your online shopping experience worthwhile. "

The URL will stay the same as always:, so keep your bookmarks updated to avoid missing out on lots of fun and exciting opportunities!

Xia Xue New Blog Skin Update

Just decide to drop by her blog and check out her post. I really love her new blog skin and the loading are now much faster compare to her previous one. I probably guess this time have less photos. Anyway, she posted one Youtube video that something we rarely see. Check it out. below. Also don’t forget she got her own Twitter now.Anyway, It was call Jerboa (Wiki) Xiaxue's Appearance on "Asia Uncut

My Next June is Mission

Man, can’t believe June is just few more days to arrive. It will be a good month for me because my pre-order is going soon to send out. But I am much more concern unable to control myself planning over spending for next month because the god damn Hobby Link Japan second discount wave is coming on the 1st day!   I told myself that this is my next opportunity to hoot something from it especially when it comes to Master Grade kits. I’m not going to overlook on this one and going to blow my pocket for sure.To counter this issue, I decided to take any side jobs as much as I can to cover for July and make sure my bank have enough to cover my monthly expenses. I already received some and hopefully this will help a bit to cover my fuel and foods. I don’t even know why I am torturing myself like that, but I really do find it worth my life and enjoy this suffering collecting my favorite toys. Muahaha…I also going to get rid my Mastercard to avoid any necessary yearly charges. Not sure which ite…

Cosplay At North 2009

While checking the RSS news feed, I came across Danny Choo featured article of  The Cuties of Anime North 2009 post entries. Damn, many kawaii girls in the events and some are daring going to next level cosplay wearing almost half naked. kekeke… I like it of course! Anyway, say no more, just check the blog out!

Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole du Ciel

I really missed the old days reading manga (comic) books when I was student. In Brunei, it’s truly hard to find many locals running comic shops business. I’m not sure if the previous manga shop is still around or not. But I guess it might already close by now. Running manga business is not really that good and easy here. Not sure about in the capital, but I am planning to get Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole du Ciel manga from I love Gundam especially studying the timeline in Universal Century stories is quite challenging. Ecole du Ciel is one of the story I miss it out and even without knowing about such manga exist in the first place. I failed as a Gundam fan, but it doesn’t mean I am going to give a shit for not getting it, right? Anyway, I don’t really recommend this manga for new Gundam fresh reader because it will definitely get into trouble understanding what exactly happen in the story if you do not watch the previous anime. This story involve in between the Gundam and Z…

Gundam RX-78 – Repair Done!

Phew! Finally finish fixing my old Gundam RX-78. It’s not entirely really fix and even putting some lining into it. It just for practicing because I haven’t touch my kits for too long, so I decided to take the broken one for some experiment and test my knowledge on repairing. Not a quite a looking Gundam as it turned out so I decided to name it as Gundam RX-78 Training MS. I will be uploading to BAKUC (its now up!) website soon tonight and also waiting for approval by Admin. PS: David. It case you wonder about mine thruster. It fix now.

First Look! - Acer Aspire 4935

Damn Acer! They really are throwing in so many good stuffs for budget buyers this year which is why they are still the best selling brand in Brunei. I was having a good opportunity to have a first look on one of the budget Acer model that has comfortable viewing screen and powerful enough for everyday used at work or home. The model I will be looking is Acer Aspire 4935 (-641G32Mn). Mind you, that is not mine. Before I start, here is the specification list:14.0” HD Acer CineCrystal LED with built-in Webcam Intel Core 2 Dou Processor T6400 (2.0 GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache) Mobile Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 4500MHD 1GB DDR2 320GB HDD SATA DVD-RW Super Multi DL Intel Wireless 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N WLAN Bluetooth 100/1000 Gigabit-LAN 56K Onboard The Acer Aspire 4735 I received for my first look review is just the hard disk has much more bigger size compare to the size of 250GB SATA. I somehow believe Acer is trying to clear their remaining stock by rolling out a same limited model with a bit be…

Do You Really Need Undo Card for PC?

I have been working on some school lately and found that they wasted much money for a bunch of useless R&D Undo Card. For your information, the Undo Card automatically restore or repair back to the previous original state for the PC whenever there are changes to the files by the students. I can’t think of the reason why you really need this. I know students are smarter and always wanted to enter to any website these days or mess up the PC. But this Card doesn’t show you any bright reason for helping you in saving for maintenance and long term guarantee support when your Window are fully expose to any attack without updating.  I don’t know how the previous technicians setup the PC. After looking at it, everything is so messed up and expose to higher risk of infection when it’s not maintain by the well-trained teacher. Not to mention everything is totally outdated because it revert backs after you restart the system. The funny thing is, the PC is infected with virus and this undo ca…

Hobby Link Japan May 2009 Order

Just order a very small numbers for this month. A Banpresto Gundam OO Nena Trinity figure and Revoltech Jun Mihara from HLJ sales section except for Mr Hobby Clear Green color bottle is just an extra for testing the clear parts for Gundam OO kit. I couldn’t find the spray paint so I decided to try out using hand mode working on the clear color. If my hand is good, I probably get another clear red color bottle to save some cash for other spray paint.I never really thought about buying figure, but it just gave me an idea of having a Gundam character is pretty good idea putting them together showing who the pilot is. The only problem is I didn’t expect to be quite tall though. I am really somehow wishing Bandai would reconsider releasing Gundam Throne Drei in 1/100 size. I guess I will find out soon when I buy the 1/144 version. Anyway, Banpresto does seem to have a good quality figure from this price point and it’s not really disappointed either. Check the photos I taken for your sample…

Gundam RX-78 Repair

I decided to do some repair and modification on my Master Grade Gundam RX-78 20th anniversary (coating version) plastic kits. So many broken parts and the coating color are getting bad for so many years. So far it was half way done on the spray painting, parts replacement and some modifications. It should be done by next Sunday, I guess. The only problem left is the broken thruster. I’m not sure how to fix it because it using some kind of clip on the backend. I think I might need to use some plastic plate and mod the thruster.

48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009 – A Little Bit More Gundam

Gundam Seed VS Astray 2009
Seems like there will be seven possible more Gundam coming for Astray line up. I haven’t really start getting HG version but hopefully maybe next year because I am much more into getting Gundam OO right now and can’t back down yet, unless there is some sort of bargain sales! 
Four Perfect Grade Gundam Astray, Gold Frame, Red Frame, Blue Frame and Green Frame. The last frame still haven’t reveal by Bandai. More @ Ngee Khiong
XN Rasier Special Item
I will be damn! Bandai has also announced the upcoming XN Raiser 1/144 kit prize item for Hobby Japan Magazine October Edition this coming August release. I am really surprise by it because I never seen Hobby Japan (for me) bundles with prize item before except Dengeki Hobby. Anyway, I am going to get two of them from Hobby Search and used my remaining point to cut the cost down. YEAH!!!
Closer Look at GN Raiser upgrade kit

SOoooo That was a blade for Gundam OO….

Virut Virus Case Close

Seems like no one in the world really know how to fully eliminate the W32.Virut virus. I have been fighting this bastard for two days straight with many different methods to fully disinfect the Virut infection in the past. If your customers are urgently needed the pc or laptop, then the only best solution is backup the data and reformat it, without bother wasting too much time fixing it.Virut is a very nasty virus that can inject malicious code to any existing executable programs like .exe file and create bunch of .scr files in your system32 folder. That’s not all, it even capable of spreading through any USB removable device like pen drive and external storage. According to Miekiemoes blog also, it can mess up the web designer’s work too. Read the quote below:This latest variant may also search for htm, html, asp and php files on the drives and modifies them by inserting an iframe that points to a malicious website. So you can already imagine what may happen if the owner is a web des…

48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009 – On Youtube

I will update this post when i find more! HW Japan Online StoreHobby

48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009 – MG Gundam Exia

OH MY GOODIES!!! Bandai has showcase one of the latest next Master Grade is Gundam Exia in 48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009 Event. I don’t know I was lucky or not to say this. But I am grateful that I didn’t purchase it the High Grade version except only Astraea and Type F version. The bad thing is I am going to be broke if I pre-order it on July. This year there are too many surprises products and it’s much harder to owned one these days. For now, MG Gundam Exia will be on my pre-order list since I haven’t own one and also, same as usual, there will be first batch for including special bundle items call “Ignition Mode” which will include RE Conversion parts and LED lighting effects parts. Man, June and July is the worst month for me. Image and Links Source @ SRW Hot News

Gundam Unicorn Movie

It’s coming! it’s coming!!!

Hero Movie 2007

It was damned when I discovered that I missed Hero movie last two years, not to mention the worst part about it is I never knew it release before. Fuck! I really have to read more Asia celebrities news a lot these days. All is not lost as I was lucky enough to read the news last month about Takuya Kimura and Lee Byung-Hun are working together on a new movie. This is where I learned about the Hero 2007 movie. It also took me a while to find the old movie back and watch it next day.It still never fails to impress me, it was good and the movie was at least two hours long. But some of the character I have not seen before because they have appeared in a special TV episode for Hero and I totally missed out the story there. Since this movie is about after five years Kuryu Kohei was transferred to Shinigaki Island. I think I am going to search special episode again. Man, it makes me wanted to take out my Hero TV drama and watch again.AboutAfter six years away, D.A. Kuryu Kohei (Kimura Takuya)…

HLJ 1st JP Anniversay Celebration

FUCK!!!! I just order and pay up my goods yesterday. Now they suddenly comes up with 1st Anniversary sale? Dammit! I missed the Master Grade Gundam IWSP sale, it was over and still thinking about getting Blue Destiny Unit 1. I have to think about next month orders so I am going to skip this one out. For your information, the sales is going to last until June 19th! So you guys still have time to look around but just a reminder that most of the good stuffs is gone which means "Sale Over" will be label.  Visit Hobby Link Japan Anniversary Sale

Blog Update for May

Nothing much changes, just a few added links and new Gundam works done by to be show on the side. I have been thinking about this from the beginning this year. Because of my laziest, I drag my plan until now and forget to install the Adobe Photoshop to create banner. I also encounter some issue updating the blog layout using Firefox. I have no clue what the hell happen, it was suppose to be working but it somehow, doesn’t want to save whenever I add or update the links or codes. In the end I ended up logging using IE to update the layout. Well, everything is now solved!

Hobby Link Japan Order This Month

Damn, I still can’t control myself when I am browsing through the bargain pages. This month order was kept as minimum as possible because my June order going to be massive expensive. This time bargain hunting is Nena Trinity, Mr Hobby Clear Green bottle and Revoltech Jun Mihara (my second). Everything comes close to ¥2000 Yen. I’m not sure why I am getting another Jun Mihara but this action figure simply too cute for me and as for Nena Trinity, she is dirt cheap making no excuse not getting her. I am planning to get her MS Gundam Throne Drei for complete collection.If you wonder what is my next month order. Well, it’s HG 1/100 Gundam OO Raiser Designer color version, HG 1/144 Gundam O and two Figma Drossel. This cost surely killing me and I decided to throw in the discount point to lower a bit on the shipping cost.

Enable Removable Device Scan in AVG Free

I didn’t even spot this good feature in AVG Free version after I mess with the advance setting today. This is really good for extra protecting and prevents infections from any removable media and USB flash drive. If any of you using AVG Free version 8.5, it is recommended to enable this feature and it’s rarely to find such free anti-virus would bundle include this feature in the basic protection program. Yes, there are a lot of USB free protection program out there. Many of them I tested the free version that don’t really work that good and fail to capture some of the old Trojans. AVG was a well known anti-virus company so I’m sure catching the popular virus and Trojans running free version is still worth to trust. Also, what if you are having just a 512MB memory ram install on your desktop PC or laptop. You might consider enable it without require other 3rd party USB programs to manage the scanning and hog up your PC resource. Another good thing about this AVG Free allowed you to con…