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Having Trouble opening Office 2007 Documents?

If you happily using Microsoft 2003 or little older version, you might encounter issue opening latest office document containing with letter ‘x’ at the end any extensions like word (docx). Many users might think that upgrading to version 2007 or using OpenOffice version 3 might solve your problem. Eventually, this is not really necessary. All you need simply download and install the Office 2007 File Capability pack. It will auto convert any 2007 documents when you open it.This may be already posted by lots of bloggers out there. But I still find many office users are not aware of it, especially for those who are not good at this problem. It will be handy for anyone saved this program, you might not know some PC unable to open it.

CRT Screw by Blue Color

Fuck! I just get my car timing belt change not long ago and now my home CRT monitor is dying anything. What a bad luck coming end of the year. I can’t get rid of the stupid blue color popping up always when I turn on my monitor. Hitting all the time doesn’t help anymore and my only solutions of watching movies is to link to my TV. I have to say I am pretty pissed off NVIDIA graphic card and giving me a hard time for few hours to correct the TV showing in dual view. ATI control panel are much more friendly and easier to setup.I am still considering which size of the Wide LCD to go and I am planning to wait for offer next month on Dell website. If I am correct, SITEX will be held at the end of November. I hope I can grab the offer earlier than that.

Dealing with Step Mother

Every time when I write step mother, I really wanted to kill her in my mind. A bitch who ruin the family, ruin your life and financial. This is what I personal doesn’t like in my whole life. I was so pissed off so many days and weeks for too long. Today is the worst one yet again and trying to throw full rocks at both of us (with my sister) by threatened kicking us out from the house. I’m not really scared at all and I am fine with that, but she’s not. Every month the electrical and waters bill are depending on us which she can’t help with it since she just an unemployed bitch. It’s funny, she trying to threaten us like that every time. I feel like she got her own sponsors on her back, that's why she started a war.What I do not like is that whenever she does something or repairing something. She doesn’t want to discuss with us and slap us with the bill at our face, just like that without letting us know. She has been doing it every years and this pissed both of my sister and me in…

Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty

Wow, I can’t believe it was so fast. I didn’t have the time to prepare my post and I know it’s late, thanks to my recent car broke down and my late work stress me out. Anyway, it’s very hard me to explain what is poverty really like in real life. Watching TV and news doesn’t really help including imagine it because I never experience it before. However, I do hope one day poverty will disappeared in the world.Poverty around the WorldWhat is poverty exactly? I’m sure even kids who living in good life won’t even bother to understand these days as they will only learned from school like in Geography class or maybe watching Discovery channel. I’m one of them, you can’t blame me that I born in peaceful country.There are many types of poverty can be found different category, I believe it’s a lot. The quality of life, foods, safe drinking waters, poor shelters and home mostly can be found in developing countries especially like Africa, Cambodia, North Korea and many others in South East Asia.…

Palit Geforce 8500GT Super+ 1GB and T-Shirt

I won this month a brand new Nvidia Geforce 8500GT Super+ 1GB graphic card and a t-shirt. I thought I was going to get a faster card, but I love to third. I haven’t tried running the test on this card yet. I was hoping my CPU and motherboard come first. My friend simply too busy spending his time with his partner, that’s why he still can’t get me the price for the processor. I guess I’m going to run a test on my sister PC soon.

My Car is Back!

Finally I got my car back after changing a lot of broken stuffs cause by the bad timing belt. I lose over at least $260.00 for replacing and service. Man, a good lesson for not fuck around with timing belt.It’s funny I have to say, people these days. Quite a lot of people asking me why I didn’t choose to buy new car instead of continue using my old 90 wagon. I really have no idea why these kinds of question have to be repeated over and over again. Yeah I know Brunei do not have many taxes like other country do. It doesn’t mean my salary is that high! I hate people asking me why I don’t enjoy my life driving a nice sport car. It’s not like I don’t want too. It’s because I don’t even have a good pay job I am working now and I have to look after my mom. My daily life was just enough for each month and maybe a loss sometimes like my car broke down. Argg…now I am starting to eat breads when I get home for lunch or even dinner.Hard to find a better jobs these days. Anyway, got to revise my …

Gundam Order for October

While I am waiting for my car bill to arrived and sitting In front of my PC doing nothing on holiday instead of playing my PS2 game afterward. I decided to make myself suffer more this month. I didn’t expect Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) currently so aggressive throwing so many nice discounts for Gundam this month. I simply couldn’t think of letting such good price go missing when the world economics is suffering. So I decided to place my order as much as I can for next month payment. I already totally broke this month, lucky to own credit card for next month debts.
I was expecting some jackpot last night to light up my debts and PC upgrade. Well, it didn't happen (damn**) and I have to move on. Anyway, here’s my other ordering plan for next last two month this year. I decided to order it from Hobby Search, it was introduced by Marvin (thanks!) last month and I haven't yet had a chance to tried the store since it looks promising looking at their free points to reduced your buying co…