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Car Fuck Up Yet Again This Year!

I can’t really believe it just happen again on September every years. Last year, I was so unlucky hitting somebody car and two years ago I spend huge sum of money to fix my engine parts on the same month. My PC upgrade plan is totally screw up this time.I’m not sure how bad my car condition is, but my timing belt did indeed cut off after I start my engine and reverse today. The mechanic did say it’s not quite dangerous than on the road as it might burn the while engine up. I was also lucky colleagues also stop me going on long trip to rig site. All else, I might really end up big time on the road.Man, this is my own blame for not changing it because I lost track how many mile I have drive and there is no sticker indicate when I should change it. Fucking good lesson for me and really hope nothing more problem on the car in the workshop.

Chicken King

I wonder around my town yesterday to look for something to eat and end up going to Chicken King instead because I am simply just too hungry. I thought my second visit might see some improvement. But Fuck! I was disappointed over my B$6.00 boneless chicken chops with rice I ordered. The meat is simply too salty and oily for my taste. Probably which is why I don't see many customers would wanted to go there after the opening last few months.Man, it's so hard finding something to eat here compared in Singapore. Eating same thing everyday starting to suck my life now.

Trick 'r Treat

This one is good, but the detail of the release date is quite confusing because it stated 2008 or 2009 release. But the trailer was release last year and if you find the DVD, maybe you guys should check it out. I might as well if I could get it.

Friends Control by Mom

I wonder how many friends of your does have a life been control or decide by their parents. Well, very few from mine over here I have to say. I know it wasn’t my position to put my ass on to somebody family business. But what I see here is their life is totally stupid and meaningless until now. Why the fuck do you still need your mom to babysit on you when you already working and facing the social life out there?Recently one of my friends having huge problem with his mother after her suddenly charge into his office and making lots of problem shouting about abandoning his name from the family if he don’t dump his current girlfriend. I was like, what? Just because the mother doesn’t like the girl, she has to go that far threaten its own son to surrender his relationship for the sake of the family name? Meh…don’t you think it’s over protected and step into his son own world? Even if the parent doesn’t like the girl, this is the son decisions falling in love with her. No one is able to kn…

My September Order for 2008!

This time I blow my wallet for next month debt. I simply can't control myself having them and you can't gone wrong with 30% off on Master Grade Gundam especially when Force Impulse is listed at Hobby Link Japan. Meh, going to suffer this year when my cousin wedding is coming on December.
Received from the post office yesterday. Almost unlucky might going to get it on this Saturday when the Custom not on duty. MG Force Impulse GundamMG Zeta Plus A1MG RGM-79C Type CAction Base Sparle Clear Green and BlackBandaiGundam Decal for MG Force ImpulseKotobukiya Weapon Sets: MW-01, MW-05, MW-06 and MW-07

Brunei BSP Never Check Their Website

I was looking for jobs at Brunei Shell Petroleum. Didn't expect to see this coming. I was wondering if there are actually any IT working over there bother to check if BSP official website is running or not.

This is What I Call Unemployment

To those local fuckers out there bitching so much on Governments not providing enough jobs. Watch the real live CNN interview of what truly unemployment really were like in other countries who have higher education struggle to find work, even part time.

PC Upgrade on Da WAY!!!

Yep! I decided to upgrade one month earlier this time, it just that I’m going to suffer until end of this year. However, my stuffs are not yet arrived because the price list is not updated and got to wait for a while. Same things goes for my Radeon HD4870 second wave is not yet release by some popular company. I wanted to get Palit, but it seems like there wasn’t any available local can get it. I also cannot simply leave my Cooler Master stuffs stay too long in the box. I have to kick this suckers running as soon as I can.Well, lets’ check what’s on my purchase and currently already owned list.Dell 22” W/LCD Monitor (Waiting for promotion end of the year)Microsoft Window Vista Home Editions 32bits OEM ($145.00)Cooler Master Keyboard and Mouse ($40.00)Razer DeathAdder and Mouse Pad (C&C Editions) Intel Quad Core Q9300 ($419.00 +/-)ASUS P5Q-E (Intel P45) ($279.00 +/-)Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) XMS2 6400 C4 DHX ($149.00)Sapphire or Gecube Radeon HD4870 (N/A)Western Digital 750GB or 500GB 72…

What Happen To Dawn Yang?

I think it’s too quiet for the on going war between Xia Xue and Dawn Yang. After checking Xia Xue blog, mentioning that she is not going to apologies and there wasn’t any lawsuit against until now. So I decided to spend sometimes digging around some news from Dawn haters. I’m glad and found blogger pointing the news about Dawn news criticize for plagiarism, dated on Aug 1st 2008.

I’m quite surprise she ended up apologizing to the public instead, due the evidence bring up from the forum. I thought she may be smart not to expose herself on such shame action. Such a beautiful lady totally underestimate the power of the internet today. She is best not to post her naked photo online, much worst she is going to expect.

Anyway, here’s the old news from Asia One.
In an interview with The New Paper on Wednesday, Ms Yang admitted she had made a mistake.

"I apologise to all my readers. I didn't do this intentionally," she said.

She said that at the time she posted the entries, she didn&…

CERN Going to Activate LHC Tomorrow at 8.30 Live!

Man! I am so exciting about this technology and unlock its hidden science further than ever before. According to the news and press release, BBC will be the one doing the live feed and will be available on the CERN official website. The problem is I don’t even know what the correct times they are going activate are after it mention is 8.30. So, it is morning or night? I do hope it’s at night though so that I can watch live online.

The most worrying side also because uprising protest in US and the scientist have been received death threat orders to stop this test. Many of them believe the LHC will create black hole and destroy the earth. I’m not a science student so I’m not really sure what the outcome really going to happen. But I do wish to know what result we are going to get once the LHC activate. Unlock better future for humanity or black hole kicks in destroy the earth.

Remember to watch the video live tomorrow!

Man Gets Nut Stuck On Penis

After reading it, I can’t imagine how hurt it going to be. But I have to say, this guy in early 20’s is definitely stupid thinking about making his penis long. He worried too much on his size and length which almost nearly lead him losing his penis putting a heavy welding nut. I can’t stop laughing and feel sorry for his guy ended up on the news.It would appear the news did not reach one poor Malaysian man, who in an effort to increase his size, put a heavy welding nut on his penis and then accidentally got an erection which almost lead to him losing his penis.The unnamed welder in his 20’s was attempting to lengthen his penis before his engagement next week by placing a heavy welding nut on then end of his penis in hopes it would stretch him out and make him longer.During the process he gave himself an erection which caused the nut to become stuff on his penis, forcing him to call for help.Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene but where unable to assist the man and were forced to take…

Work Late Night and Puasa

I am starting to feel very bad about my work this year, it’s time for me to look for a new job. Can’t believe I am working for nothing these days, especially at night until ten yesterday just for the stupid rental PC and no overtime paid for it. Pissed the whole night and have to continue today morning deliver the PC and setup in the client office on holiday. Although it just for half day, not getting over paid is terrible thing and wasting your time just for the company benefit. I couldn’t agree more on this continue to serve myself over this job.Feel so fuck up in such situations and hopeless, there wasn’t any suitable job and qualifications available for me lately. But I will still stick with this job until something miracle came up for me. Some company did indeed offer me a position. But not a wise one as it relationship is too close to mine current boss. I don't like having job to close to anyone around me, because that issue, I lose my job even more. Hate to say, but until t…