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RX-79 Powered Blue Destiny

Finally it's done! it took me for at least two days to finished even it's a HGUC 1/144 model Kits. Damn, that was long. Anyway, it's done and photo (Album link!) including my own made up story are now up!

Historic Notes: After the following One Year War, Yu Kajima was assigned to Kangaroo Project Teams to assist and continue the development project of the new rewrite EXAM combat system. The lead project leader was Alph Kamra, who first supervision and previously selected Yu Kajima piloting GM Blue Destiny Unit 1 back in UC 0079.
Although the new EXAM combats system do not cause any dangerous impact on the pilots. Due to its EXAM complexity programs and required long term research, including correct the unstable occurring to the mobile suit during test beds. The military in the end decided to put to an end of this project, as they decided to use the new develop a series of improved mobile suit technology from a contracted private company known as Anaheim Electronics.


Shaolin Girl Movie Coming 2008

Nope! Stephen Chow is not the director of the Japanese Shaolin Girl movie. But according to members that he is only a consultant. However, two Hong Kong actors ( Kin Man Tin and Chi Ching Lam) from previous Shaolin soccer will be featured in the movie. I forget the name of the lady on the movie, I only know she appear in many drama TV like Galileo. Anyway, check out the trailer.

The Worst Father in Da World!

This is the worst case ever I have read in my life. Never expect this guy is a total sexual manic repeatedly raping his own daughter for 24 years and even had seven children born with his own blood. Even her mother did not suspect anything from her own husband, according to the news. This fucker is now 73 year’s old man, and not even sure what punishments he might eventually get. Putting him to jail forever will never be enough, death sentence only make things go easier for him. The daughter suffers for entire 24 year’s rape pain will never be gone. Fuck these people!

Read the rest of the news.

Cooler Master Kode5 Prizes and April order Arrived

Finally, my Cooler Master prizes I won previously have arrived at my door except my 1000m Power Supply Unit will be delivery later once it flesh manufacturer from the factory. This will be my last winning as I don’t want to gone too far want more. I’m going to get hate by the members over the forum. Anyway, the prizes I won are 1x Cosmos 1000 (New Revised Version, going to explain on my blog), 1x X-craft 250 IDE, 2x X-Craft 360 Sata and 2x Hyper212 CPU Cooler.At the same time, my April order has already arrived last week. I didn’t post it up because my Revoltech Jun Mihara display base was missing from the box. I really had to thanks to HLJ staff for sending one for me (inform from email). This is what I call good service. My purchased for this month are Doko Demo Issho latest sets, HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 3, Powered GM and GP02A (Type-MLRS).

What a week!

At WorkNot a nice week for me and just don't go right at the moment especially at work. I hate working late hours recently and really piss me off badly. I don't even know what my boss is thinking, asking me to worked on late hours for nothing, and yes I don't get paid for overtime which is why I always trying to drive away ASAP from the office after 5PM. I don't really want to be an asshole, but I reached my limit taking the work on late hours. I had no intention to argue with my boss about this issue, as he personally knows much about this then me. It just simply turns blind and getting more from it. No matter what I will against it even losing my job, no overtime paid, no extra working hours for me. That’s it!People who want 100% sameOh yeah, I do encounter few issue about people I deal with, who want same things from the previous one. That was terrible suck and one of the worst experiences supplying new PC. You see, new and old PC performance will be different espec…

Xia Xue Explore Sex Shop

I didn’t visit the Xia Xue video section much. While I was watching another of her Mac spoofs video. This one pop up on the list. HAHAHA…I think this one is a great watch for who they are curious about those sex toys. I think I heard Miri do have a sex toy shop too, not sure if it already closed down. Damn for the girls! ^^;;;

Brunei Second Online Store -

I was actually surprised finding the second online store in Brunei other than QQeStore. I have no idea when they started their online business. But it’s good to have a competitor around, right? You might ask how it compared to the current rival QQeStore. is still a long way competing to their rival. You will be able to find out easily why I said that once you visit the
Good things about No registrations fee required Many of their products price can be comparable to QQeStore They bundle free extra accessories (selected items) Doing international ordering Now, why I won’t buy at

Simple, their warranty for the products makes me laugh after I look into the camera and Dell section. Many look alright for me. However, it seems like they never done their homework properly before listing their product information online. Check out the pictures I snap online, what kind of mistake did they made after looking at it?

HAHAHA!! Are you …

KL Freeze For World Earth Day

Could you imagine something weird might happen around you if everyone suddenly around you freezes or even moved? I spotted the interesting article from The Star editors checking out more than 1000 people doing Freezes for World Earth Day event in KL.

The members behind these events were from You guys should check it out the photos. I think this is the greatest thing and funs that we should enjoy once in a while. Yet good news to all Malaysian is that, they will be doing again tomorrow at Sunway Pyramid at 8PM, time freeze will be five minutes. The instructions and guidelines can be found at their FAQ website if you want to join the events.

Love the idea and we Bruneian should played along in World Earth Day.

Kane’s Wrath & Soul Storm Arrived

Yes, it already arrived in the post office yesterday. I am glad it arrived to kill my boring time watching Anime all the time. I was surprised at first when I saw my packaging. It was quite small no matter how you look at it and my mind was like. ‘Where’s my mouse?’ Happily, everything was pack together nicely and beautifully without any damages after open at the custom.EA Games this time roll out a very good deal for the Kane Wrath limited editions, which is quite better than last year. The first Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars limited edition I brought, EA bundle with GDI t-shirt, Plastic bag (very handy), Razer Mantis Control mouse surface pad and making of DVD disc. For Kane’s Wrath, EA decided to bundle with Razer DeathAdder mouse and of course including making of DVD, Red Alert 3 Beta key and coupon for special map download at the official website. What can I say? I simply love it!I wonder what EA decided to do with the next upcoming FPS Tiberium FPS game, maybe a Razer k…

'Diana Dead - so get over it'

O_O!!! LOL! Somebody actually putting this words into the t-shirt stunts with 'Diana's dead - so get over it' at Goat Boy online. It was an original idea made by Sydney-based businessmen Peter Legras and Adam Hunt which have been on sale for just a week according to The Daily Telegraph news site. These guys really sure had nothing to do. Anyone dared to wear it?

Finally The Internet is Back!

The whole Brunei internet was down last week starting on Wednesday. It really suck I have to say. No explanations of what are the causes of this and Telbru service call centre were not even bother picking up the phone. How fuck up company is this anyway? It was very terrible experience for me trying hard to get my customers email out to the country as the Brunet email server also down with without any explanations. This is the worst we ever face. No email, no internet. How can the companies survived with it and not to mention money loss or damaged due to this asshole sucker messing this up. The dialup or the 3G mobile didn’t help much either.I do know some rumors and stories behind about the happening. But I not am going to disclose this as for safety reason, better to say maybe false rumors. What I do know, this time Brunet is the one to be blame for all this mess. I do not know why they didn’t have any counter measure backup of this incident. Telbru also need to be blame. Firstly, t…

Xia Xue Say China iPhone Better

The popular Singaporean blogger Xia Xue has posted a video reviewing China iPhone gadget. I find this review hilarious and funny (of course not just only the Singlish languages). Everyone should check it out especially the Mac fans. Video below!

Fucking Telbru Internet Congestion Again

I can’t believe it still having terrible fucking internet traffic congestions in Kuala Belait. I don’t know if the managements are taking seriously looking or simply putting our problem on the last list. Yeah I bet they are doing this all along ignoring our problem first and move on working on other useless worked. Although I am still paying the $98.00 fee for this last month before new pricing started. It doesn’t mean everyone have to suffer fucking slow surfing in my town only. Damn the fucking Telbru, an only useless internet service of all years that nobody can escape from them and continue suffer from their lack of services. WE NEED COMPETITORS!!!

Impatience Looking 4 Cosmos Fan Bracket

While I am still waiting for my PC games and Cooler Master stuffs to arrive. I need to get an order for my Cosmos 1000 fan bracket. It was terrible hard to find it in Brunei. CM Service Centre did contact me about someone in Brunei actually doing the sales. However, at the mean time they are unable to contact him because he went for business trip. I already asked CM if they could provide me the contact numbers or email so that I can talk directly to him and help me to get some Cooler Master stuffs.I really hate myself for been impatience sometimes when ordering something. I spend my free time looking for online worldwide PC store for past few days. Thanks to the forum CM Tech Support showing a nice online retailer PC store that sell the Cosmos fan bracket. The name of that store is Sun Dial Micro. Good thing about them is that they provide shipping to Brunei. The bad things about them are, the fan bracket is expensive, and charges on additional processing fee US$10 will be include in …


My nose just bleeds after watching the Cosplay photos from Choo. Blame him for the cause of my bleeding!!! Check out the rest of the cute and sexy girls over there! if Brunei is holding such costume events, I wonder how many Otaku might show up. Of course I'm not talking about the girls wearing sexy clothes or a bit nude. That will be a disaster if that happen. The parents might come to shot you instead. ^^;;; More photos can be found at Choo Cosplay post.About CosplayCosplay (コスプレ, kosupure?), short for "costume play", is a Japanese subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, tokusatsu, and video games, and, less commonly, Japanese live action television shows, fantasy movies, Japanese pop music bands, Visual Kei, fantasy music stories (such as stories by the band Sound Horizon), and novels. However, in some circles, "cosplay" has been expanded to mean simply wearing a costume. (More)

Gundam Seed Special OVA

It’s kinda late watching the Gundam Seed OVA special editions last week. A very nice recall memory for the Seed scene and most importantly, seeing new special unit appearance at the last part for few second. Ok it simply just got shot by Justice. I know it’s a bit late posting this image. But hey, I haven’t seen this unit before. Anyway, here are the two picture I taken from the Seed movie 3.

Both of these special units die in the war for few second. I can't see what kind is dark blue Zaku unit like, but I guess it might be a prototype CGUE DEEP Arms. The yellow is the GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type and it looks cool. I wanted to build this one out if I could find the GINN head. I am bad in modding so I decided to skip this one out.

Vandalisms Increases in Brunei

I am really happy that our country has a lower crime many years. However, I do believe it might affect present as and future these days. Vandalism is probably one of those increases year by year destroying our parks and sign on the roads. I simply hate it when watching it when someone destroys their own daily stuffs whenever new things been built by the Governments. People might blame it or suspect on the immigrants who are working in Brunei. However, I would first blame the local teenagers and adults who had nothing to do destroying it. Many of you might disagree on what I write above. But I simply telling the truth that these teens or adults don’t seem too cared about the stuffs they had vandalize their own country stuffs. They learn from schools and yet they ignore the facts that they were wrong.Second things I decided to point out that many of our local people do not know what a rubbish bin is actually used for. I was amazed by my own eyes seeing the local throwing the trashes on …

The Vice Guide to North Korean

I have been reading and studies quite a bit about North Korean. Don’t you find this interesting? Everything about North Korea is all seal off, mysteries and every information is very strict guarded from everyone eyes in the world. I remember seeing the picture of quiet ghost city in National Geography magazine. The journalist were manage to snap quite many of the photos that contains no cars, people, busy street, even walking around their houses and apartment! What a freaky place and I remember one of the North Korean who manage to escape said people over simply don't get along and they suspect each others. What a crazy country! I have to say this is NOT the place I should ever live or even wanted to born on that country after watching at the video done by the VBS.TV. Everyone in the world should watch this great documentary video. Check out the first introduction chapter below.You can view the rest over their official VBS.TV website. They online video streaming is buggy and I exp…

Messing With 3rd Party Wireless Router Firmware

I have been trying out the Linksys 3rd party firmware for my WRT54GS v4 router for the past few months to resolve some issue with Bittorrent thingy and testing some new features including compatibility on others device. I only tested two type of firmware and finally found the one which are much stable for my router including better connectivity for other wireless device.HyperWRT Thibor is my favorite 3rd party firmware. The interface is much exactly same with the Linksys and added more new features that were not found in the original firmware. I have tested it for over 6 months and works pretty good. Not to mention my Bittorrent worked like charm and my little sister still able to surf the internet without much problem getting disconnect. I did not find any problem using with my Linksys WRT54GS v4 router. However, for the 2nd firmware I tested for past two months. I really had to give up and revert back to HyperWRT instead. I hate to say it. It brings so much problem and wireless conn…

Internet Traffic Congestions in Kuala Belait

The internet traffic is terrible this past week, until now I am still experiencing problem. I already made a call direct to Telbru and report the problems. The technician gave me a call and let me know that he is also experiencing slow surf these past few days. My question is, what should I cared your home also experiencing the same problem I had? Wasn’t supposed they deal with the management and made reports to the HQ for issue. I don’t even understand what the hell do the technicians up in the capital was doing. As far I know, currently only Kuala Belait areas are experiencing this traffic congestion. My guess the server for our area is overloaded and needed to upgrade, since they have already make announcement on the price cut for the internet service.I am still testing and experience from time to time. It’s quite hard for me without it, as internet is now part of my daily entertainment programs. Unless there are games that can kill my boring time. I have to get a new PS2 controlle…