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Can't Believe It So Fast...

Simply can't believe it, tomorrow is the last day I will be enjoying 2007. I still had no plan about going anyway or celebrating with someone. Well, probably as same as always alone I have to admit. Log into the online game and celebrate there, that it! My great plan so far. Anyway, been a pleasure to start another new life and enjoyment on year 2008. I am looking forward if any excitement, bad luck or maybe something miracle might happen. I already have some plan on my mind but hope it work out!

Same goes to everyone and readers out there! I hope you guys enjoy your celebration and have a great fun with your buddies and love one.

Happy New Year !

Cooler Master is Going Green Contest!

That's Right! Cooler Master is becoming a great green company and out of many companies that actually going so far giving away a HYBIRD CAR. That's why, Cooler Master are happy and would like to invites you to actively take part in the program. Simply joining the Green Guard Blog Competition for a chance to win a brand new Toyota Prius 08 and a slew of high-end hardware prizes!

Official RulesSign up for CM Club membership.Submit a valid Real Power Pro product serial number or post a story/picture/video on the Green Guard Blog, showing how you have improved your energy efficiency.Cross your fingers and check back often to see if you’re a winner! Additional prizes will be awarded to users leaving comments on the blog, so it really does pay to stay active!Having problems finding the serial number of your newly purchased Real Power Pro PSU? The serial numbers are printed on stickers, together with the corresponding bar code, and can be found on both the product packaging and on the p…

What Do I Do in Christmas? ^^;

Christmas is so boring, I don’t even know if there are any plans having some fun. It just turn out that I stuck at home all day playing my online game and watching the latest anime instead. Well, my life is suck and boring anyway. >_> Since there is nothing much to brag about it, I just talk about some latest news about anime and contest update.

Those of you who are anime freak. Macross Frontier episode one has released! This is a really good Christmas gifts for me watching it on that day. I am fan of Macross, and I will not miss any of it. If you haven’t watch it, you can check out the trailer first below. (Due to the copyright issue, i will only post the scene)

As for the Naruto fans out there, probably you already know the next episode and new movies will be released next month (next year). I, myself too can’t wait watching it ^^;; and also, there is one upcoming a comedy movie you guys should check out too. The title is “Neko no Shuukai” and it seem going to be a good hit. You…

Happy Christmas Eve

I can't believe Christmas is just tomorrow here in Brunei. I still do not have any plan on what to do on Christmas. Maybe I should just sleep or watch my anime and even waste my time on my RF online game. Well, this is the result being a single and no one else to date. Hanging out with friends is also a boring idea. Unless its a Christmas dinner and that is fine for me. Since my mom is going to celebrate in Singapore with my brother. We both going to missed out a Christmas dinner here today.

For your information, my country do not celebrate much on Christmas. So if you think there are any fun going on here. You better forget about it and that same goes for the upcoming New Year celebration. If your country is celebrating, stay there and better visit Brunei next year. I don't want you guys end up staying in a boring place that can't celebrate and you got yourself raid in the restaurant for no reason. I won't feel disappointment's because I already live with it for 20…

Are You Looking At 2008 Already?

I wonder why I am already thinking about year 2008. Maybe I put the calendar on top of my monitor and start thinking shit about what should I do next year. But my first primary objective will be building a whole new PC and get a new wide screen LCD as my monitor is dying anytime. Other than that, I may be getting a MP3/CD player for my car and start going to body work out. Emm… What’s next? I wonder.

I feel like I don’t even understand myself either. Seems like I starting walking into a lonely path or something. Telling myself, “Fuck you!” that’s what in my mind lately. My brain is completely totally blank right now and doesn’t even know what I should put into it. Deciding your own fate is quite a pain in the ass. Maybe Christmas coming and doesn’t have any date to go out with me loh! I’m always alone! Maybe I should become a legend?

Here’s my latest photo upload from Mei Wedding Dinner 2007. Feel free to take a look at it. Back to my fucking game!

Finally!!! Got Little Money!

Finally got my money from my friends! Thanks to them who help me to sell my PSP and my three PC game from their shop. I have been waiting for money to pay off my mom pocket money which I missed for four month. But I was able to pull off three months and hopefully able to settle by next year. I think I spend too much money for ordering Final Fantasy collections from Heh! Simply love them! I wonder what left I haven’t settles. I fix my car drive shaft, cleaning and replace a new viper for it. Just a bit worried over the car timing belt and maybe I will go for servicing as Chinese New Year is coming very soon.

Anyhow, my December collection photo is preparing to upload. I haven’t resized and upload yet for my cousin dinner wedding last week. My mom wants to see it in Singapore. Hehehe…I guess December should be better for me. Not much stress coming except what should I do for Christmas…alone. Hmmm…

Another Dinner Wedding

Finally the day has come! I was really lucky enough to be able to get my cousin gift on time! Phew I thought my shipment is missing again or won't make it until next week! Anyway, expect my December order photo and my cousin on wedding dinner!

God Tells Me to Start Blogging

I'm not joking about this, the blogger who started GodTellsMeThings, got a pretty funny posted on the website. He said God came to him and asked him to build a blog to record his teaching. He proclaim everything the God told him 100% true. Well, everyone know that is 100% bullshit. But I find this person actually more like a comedian writing those stuff that is entirely nonsense or seem like looking for trouble. You guys should check it out the site if you got nothing to do on the weekend and holidays.

Cooler Master KODE5 Video Shoot Extend!

I am sooooo addicted to RF Online recently! Ho ho ho! Good news! I am pleased to announce Cooler Master Kode5 contest has extended until February 2008! Check out the latest update here! Please note that joining the contest is free for all international PC geeks or gamers! If you have any stunning video and able to produced one. Submit it to CM! Make sure you register the membership first before you do! Good luck!

Agloco Is Officially DEAD!!!

To all sucker out there who still supporting Agloco or wondering what the hell happen to them. Read John post! Agloco is officially announced they are goner and unable to run any operations. Well, I sure they take your money enough using the Viewbar and slowly walk away with it. HA!!!

Agloco Economic Network Clone

I recently check out JC latest post about someone actually build his own copy of Agloco Economic Network system and called it Share Incentives. I decided to register one for myself to take a look around the site. I have to say, it almost identical to Agloco except some features that was not found from the original. Not to mention you need the Viewbar to run on your desktop. However, it was not mention if it pays you base on how much you earn from hourly and still in alpha stage according to John. You can read JC My Review for Share Incentives at his blog.

I’m not going to promote it or even bother thinking about using the view bar. Agloco is going down sooner or later. I am still suspecting Agloco is using us to generate money for them using the Viewbar. I still believe today, it’s possible as long they haven’t paid anyone a single cent. Now the blog is dead with no update on the development and not to mention I found that the Agloco website SSL certificate has already expired on Novem…

One and Another Coming

My car has been delay quite a while leaving my noisy damage drive shaft running. I finally manage to get rid my PSP and other PC games off from my friend shop. So I would think it’s my chance today to get my car for servicing and replace the drive shaft. I can't really imaging something just bad happen again for this month. Yet another stupid hardware coming to its end of life again which is my next 17" CRT monitor. I wonder why it has to be like this and experience this kind of shitty things at the end of the year. People say God only know the answer, but I would give him my middle finger and smack him if he is the one messing with it because I don't believe god. ^^;;

I got the Viewsonic E70f from the local computer shop and I brought it on 27th February 2003. Can’t believe I still keep the receipt. After checking on the span life I have been using it for more than four years. Well, not quite really bad at all using in none air-conditioner area in the afternoon. It’s not…

S.ave O.ur T.rees December Issue!

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Cousin Wedding Today

I am taking a day off today. Its my cousin wedding day and I almost forgot it. Luckily my sister remind me on last week, Friday. Well, it was a very good day for me watching my cousin moving another one step forward to the next relationship level. I am really happy for them and not to mention they bring good luck for me winning another great prizes for Cooler Master Kode5 Video Shoot-Out!
I am buying a present for them, specially ordering from Play-Asia.Com. I already plan quite long getting a Nohohon Double Happiness present for her last month. But I didn't know she like Mickey mouse a lot. It was sad I already place the order early without thinking carefully because I found a nice Nohohon Mickey Mouse Couple. I wanted to cancel it but I guess I won't. I hope it will arrived before 15th next week as I don't want to delay it, of course. (Check the rest of Nohohon products at Tomy official website)

I also snap quite a LOT of photos in the wedding today and hope to post some o…

I Won Again From Cooler Master!!!!

Do you remember I posted my first ever made MTV Guild Wars in-game video for Cooler Master Kode5 video contest? I can't believe I won for the Best Screenplay Award, just announce today! Wow...I think taking off on Monday, joining my cousin wedding was indeed a right choice! Oh my GOsh!!!! My stress is gone more than 60%! I am getting a present online for her wedding dinner on 15th this month, she definitely bring us a very good luck and I hope it will arrived!

Now! What the hell do you guys waiting for? Cooler Master is giving away more than $10,000 prizes and a trip to Moscow next year for free. Rules is simple, make your own creative video games and submit to the contest. If you can't, you can leave your comments for the submitted entries and get a chance to a random prizes draw for December. Remember, if you are good at video editing. Why not give it a try? But do remember to register CM membership before you submit your own video or joined any future contest. This contest i…