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How to Removed AVPO.EXE Spyware

I caught this from my portable drive when I am doing servicing in my customers office. Seems like this one is quite annoying and even some anti-virus unable to detect it. Luckily my AOL free Kaspersky was able to catch this nasty things without any problem and also using MAVW for the clean up. Anyway, worth checking out the news below and how to removed manually.

Jamboforum - AVPO.EXE is a file recently detected by several antivirus databases. This file is yet to be determined globally as Good or Bad, therefore it is currently classified as Unknown. However if it is malware then it may well be caught by the behaviour protection in databases.

The only way to safeguard against this possible threat is by installing an antivirus (Kaspersky) which has the ability to protect you from all bad files from the instant they are determined.

Safety Rating: Uncertain
First seen: Aug 19 2007 (GMT)
Last seen: Aug 19 2007 (GMT)
File Size: 68,727 bytes

How to Manually removed


Internet Down Always When Phone Call in

It was a bloody week for me experiences this kind of problem. Although today was a public holiday for us, in Brunei. I wish I brought the wired tools back with me so that I can work out on the phone line issue causing so many problems with the Internet at my room. I already told the guy (electrician) to check properly with the phone line connection, but he just doesn’t listen or probably did not understand what I mean that day. Now, the current issue I am having is my main phone line has been connected together with the secondary one. Which is why it causes whole things messed up when someone trying to call to our phone and even calling out. Not to mention, I am now having a disconnection while I am writing this post. What annoy me is that I hate arguing with “step mother” currently living together. Blaming my room causes all the phone line fuss. Yeah. Yeah. She said she doesn’t want to use it anymore and still connecting interrupting my internet. That bitch is really makes me so mad a…

My COSMOS Contest Winner Final Round Ended

Congratulation to whom win over Cooler Master My Cosmos Contest. The final drawing was held on 9/29 (TPE Time). The list will be announced officially next Wednesday on CM Global website. Cooler Master will e-mail the official letter to your registered e-mail account within 7 days every drawing, any questions please write to

Finally, very thanks for everybody’s participation. MyCOSMOS Contest ends today in a satisfactory way. Hope you enjoy the event and let’s see each other in our next great event- Cooler Master KODE5 Video Shoot.

Best Reviewer:
Editor: Ravynmagi
Topic: CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 Review

Most Creative Participant:
Editor: Creech( )
Topic: My Cosmos: Origin of the Cosmos (2nd Creation)

Most Popular Creation:
Topic: Cosmos Weblog & Website Review
Editor: Starboykb(

Remark: Although the 1st creation from Creech has the highest comment count, the finnal winner is Starboykb based on the rule : the winner of the three …

MyCosmos Contest: Round 3 Winner Update!

Best Reviewer /Most Creative Participant/Most Popular Creation: Absent (under 10 creations this week) Most Active Participant (92 comments+ 20 extracomments ):
Winner: Creech ( )
Prize : Real Power Pro 750W x 1 + Hyper 212 x1

Participantion Prize (Random Drawing):
1. Winner : Starboykb( / Sean from Canadal (
Prize: Xcraft 360 x 1

**Since one prize winner is banished from the eligible participant list, another entrant is selected by way of random drawing. The new winner is Startboykb ^^

2. Winner : Hide( / Starboykb(
Prize : Hyper 212 x 1

3. Winner : Maxession ( /Werty316(
Prize: PWM Fan Hub Set x 1 (Fan Hubx1 + 120mm PWM fan x2)

Still 3 more days left for you guys to participate!!! Click Here!!!

Gundam Still Sleeping

I haven't built my Gundam I purchased from HLJ until now. It still sleeping inside the box, because I haven't purchase some of the tools that I need to assemble them. Kind of hard putting there like that without doing anything. Well, until my financial become stable. I will purchase some of the remaining tools and crafting accessories to build them. For now, you can visit these great two builders to check out their work! The MG Strike Enforcer and MSN-00100 百式.

Happy Moon Festival!

What do you know? Today is Moon Festival! And I wish everyone in Brunei a Happy Moon Festival!!! Saw a lot of families bringing their kids at night playing with their paper lamp. :smile: Enjoy your night everyone!!!

Galaxy Geforce 7600GT (AGP) - Love it!!!

It’s here and I got it on Thursday after it arrived from my friends shop. As you can see the Galaxy box came with quite a fancy design and packed with VIVO adapter and s-video cables including an extra four pin power cable. Blue color board and the GPU are cool by a normal Galaxy VGA fan itself. Don’t worried, there are an extra two holes (total four) for you to install with 3rd party VGA fan. Most important thing you need to know that Geforce 7600 series require a minimum 300WATT power supply to run it. This is the reason why I choose 7600GT instead over 7900 series or ATI1950 Pro as I don’t want to worry about my power supply unit problem or any point funding a new PSU for an older AGP. Not to mention Geforce 7600GT is already three time powerful than my previous FX5900XT. OMG! XDThe performances are good running older games like Homeworld 2, W40K: Dawn or War and Company of Heroes.You just need to do some setting to get the game smoother. Running the latest game like Enemy Territor…

My Cosmos Review! Approved!!!

As you guys may already know Cooler Master is running My Cosmos contest until end of September. My review has been featured (finally) at My Cosmos Blog. For the full review, please leave your comments at My Cosmos Blog/ forum (contest rules)!

Cooler Master recently launched its first new design chassis flagship into the market this year, known as COSMOS 1000, around the world on August 2007. The COSMOS 1000 product was very well response and impressed by many PC hardware reviews and received excellent test result scores on the internet. Of course, that did not stop the COSMOS focusing only in the online hardware reviews website; it was also featuring on the front page and published in the popular magazines at Maximum PC and Dream Machine. Not only did it impress the press, the COSMOS 1000 chassis also comes with two years warranty and suggest at an affordable retail price around US$200.00? ^^

Red iPod Nano! Giveaway at It's Write Now!

It’s Write Now is celebrating it’s 3 month anniversary and its giving away a red iPod Nano!!! Well, it's an 8GB iPod Nano! I say again IT'S AN 8GB iPod Nano!

To enter to the contest, simply link back to It's Write Now homepage and including the iPod Nano contest post. Don't forget to submit your URL to the link post comment in Emma post about for the contest! If you forget, you still have time to remember to post it before end of October! Cheers!!!

Buy Crisis Core Limited Edition Today!!!

Get and pre-order the limited edition Crisis Core at today!!!
PSP PlayStation Portable Slim & Lite - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Bundle (Limited to 77,777pcs in Japan and Asia) -
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII(Japan - No Region Protection) - US$ 58.90Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US - Release March 2008) - US$ 49.90 (Pre-Order)Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (Asia - Release October) - US$ 49.90 (Pre-Order)
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack - US$ 36.90 (Pre-Order)***Please note that prices subject to change without any notice!

Thermaltake SwordM VD5000BNA Casing

Thermaltake has been around building a great chassis. Yeah, I know. The picture above do show a great surprised and impressive looks. But I doesn't like it at all. I'm not sure why. But Thermaltake are starting to run out a chassis designer. It seems to me their new chassis are over done and did not show much improved at all.

Hardwarezone already posted up their review at their site. You can learned why the guys over too doesn't like that chassis.

What will be my next gaming PC?

New graphics and processing power getting more powerful upgrade and features new technology every three to six months. That’s is why, I have stop upgrading my PC for almost coming three years now, except recently I had to order a Geforce 7600GT for replacement and gaming. I can’t live without gaming. ^^;;;

Ok, I thought I am going to get a new PC this year. However, things unlikely really favor to me and falling into a worst of the two year bad luck pit. So I thought I might really become a poor bastard soon. Well, the only things I need to do is work harder and spend lesser on things which is not required to keep, just sell it. Yes my Warcraft III Battlechest and my PSP.

Anyhow, I have been monitoring the computer hardware market for almost three years now. I still can’t decide what I am going to get. However, there are only few lists on my mind right now.
Dell 22inch Wide-screen LCD monitors – Why? Value, Cheaper getting online and of course it’s not a bad monitor.Getting a four core …

Sony Ericsson K770i Preview

New upcoming preview Sony Ericsson K770i (Pic: Hardwarezone) Cyber-shot mobile phone packs with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

I'm not sure if this is a joke or what. But it seems to me mobile phone has becoming like a crazy cycle technology and not to mention it surpass the processor and graphic card cycle. Mobile phone competitions are really fierce. I don't even know what to get next, not until my phone is dead. However, I will definitely go for Sony Ericsson brand because I like the picture quality and features in the phones.

Bruneian First Blog Awards Organized by Simpur Blogging Nation!

Check out the great news to all Brunei local bloggers!
Bloggers, it's the time of the year when we celebrate..YOU!Introducing the 1st ever Bruneian Blog Awards, The Simpur Bloggies! Every month, from September '07 to February '08, you'll be able to nominate and vote for your favourite Bruneian blogs, which will be divided into 5 different categories.All the category winners will then be up for another vote in March '08, in which one blog will be crowned The Bruneian Blog of The Year!
We've teamed up with generous sponsors who've all lined up fabulous prizes, from Digital Video Camcorders, Hotel stays, Dinner Vouchers, Simpur & DST Group goodies, and much more, to the Grand Prize of an Acer Laptop, iLuv Hi-Fi, $500 cash prize, a night's stay in an Orchid Garden Hotel Junior Suite (including breakfast and a foot massage at Amanha Spa), and of course the elusive Simpur Bloggies Blog of The Year Trophy!
And that's not all.. Bloggers aren't the on…

MyCosmos Contest: Round 2 Winner Announcement!

The award of [Best Reviewer] and [Most Creative Participant]: Absent (Please join anyone!)Most Active Participant (79 comments+20 extra comments): Winner: Starboykb ( Participantion Prize (Random Drawing):Winner : Creech( / Mandel ( Winner : Abraham( / Maxession( Winner : Slugbug ( /werty316( ***If you guys haven't join Coolermaster this month contest. You can still participate (anyone!) for reviewing COSMOS products. Also, please note that you do not need to owned a COSMOS 1000 chassis to review it too. All you need is using your own creative ideas and create a best review articles or video about Cosmos (have to be related). You can used any Cosmos photos from any hardware reviewer (please credit them) site to support your articles. Please visit the event site for more information. My COSMOS - Talk about your COSMOS!

Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Collections

OMG! Its coming out on November! Arrrggg! I want to collect any of them for my collections!!! I really need to do something about my debt right now. Argggggg.....I want to get Naruto Shippuuden Collection Candy Toy Part 2 too. Its already out in Play-Asia, in case any of you Naruto & FF VII fans out there. You can buy and pre-order now. But I will definitely get some Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion with Trading Arts Mini Figure for my collections in November.

You Still Own 3DFX?

Yeah, I do. I got myself a 3DFX Voodoo Banshee with me until now and it’s still a working baby. I brought two of them by mistake actually because of my immature decision back in my school. Ok, money spender train by my dad. ^^;;; The first one I got is Creative Voodoo Banshee 16MB SD-RAM PCI version, and the second one is Powercolor Evil Queen Voodoo Banshee 16MB SG-RAM AGP version for my Pentium II 400MHz PC. I have to say this card rock quite a lot of 3D games back then and the performance is not really disappointed. The last game I played with this card is Alien vs Predator 2 using 3rd party drivers to load. After looking at this card, I still wish my Pentium II would alive these days if it wasn’t because of the BIOS update.

The Inquirer news also mention about the 3DFX graphic card collector last week. You probably don’t want to miss out if you are former 3DFX fan. You should check out the The Dodge Garage 3dfx Collection website. It got tons of 3DFX graphic cards and goodies. Wort…

My Cosmos Contest

If you had read my previous Coolermaster 15th anniversary about the upcoming new CM contest this month, than you shouldn't missed out the new one currently already started at My COSMOS blog this week. The prizes are attractive and easier than the previous contest, so I don't think you really want to leave this one out? ^^ There are many ways to win cool prizes, write or create a video reviews about COSMOS or post as much comments in COSMOS blog to win weekly prizes which is much easier. However, I do recommend writing reviews and even better creating a video for COSMOS in your own idea and creative ways. You guys can check out the rules and requirements over COSMOS Event page for more information.

Oh! Didn't I forget you can used your own blog to win something too? ^^ Read this post for the rules!

Choosing a New AGP card

Currently using GeforceFX 5200 as a backup for my PC. I decided to get a new mid range AGP card so that I won't feel like shit watching movies all day. I need a quite powerful card to support more latest games. Not yet decide which brand I should be getting. ATI or NVIDIA? I have been using NV products for quite long and I am thinking about switching to ATI because it best known for its movie quality. But the price is a problem right now, that's why I decided to visit Best Gaming Graphics Cards for the Money: September 2007 at It seems like Geforce 7600 GS/GT and Radeon X1650 PRO is my likely choice on the list. Well, I need to check out the Galaxy & Gecube current price today from my friends. Considering better to put some debts over there and settle it next month! HA!!! ^^;;; Another debt going into my list!

I'm not thinking about getting high-end card for my PC because my power supply unit is not enough to boost these cards using Coolermaster 350W P…

SOTs Magazine September is Out!

The latest SOTs online magazine has release for September. Head over to the official website for free download!

Upgrade GeforceFX 5900XT Cooling.....Ermm But....

I have been using my Chaintech GeforceFX 5900XT for nearly four years for gaming. Well, things get old easily and especially the graphic card fan are making a lot of annoying noise inside my case once power turn on. I decided to get the old and cheap Coolermaster Cool VIVA product from the store to get rid my noisy fan. My PC is 24 hours operations using torrent and I really need a proper sleep. Here's the picture cover of the plastic seal!

I got it for B$15.00 (US$9.00 +/-) in my country, which is totally consider cheaper than before. I didn't even know we can get that price if it wasn't my customer who first brought it from the store. He told me to help him to assemble the Coolviva for his Radeon 9800 Pro card and happy to say its very successful for a first time. Ok, not quite a very nice looking and proper installed which I think as long I don't destroy the whole card. ^^;;;; Anyway, picture below for my old card before I do something stupid!

Taaadaaa! Here's the…

PC Space Upgrading and Reformatting

Finally my Maxtor 250GB IDE hard disk drive arrived on Friday. It took me two days (starting on Saturday) to finished up PC inspections on hardware and Window stability's. The only pushed me behind are the large data (movies ^^;;;) stored inside my hard disk and takes time moving most of them out from the previous HDD that I decided to used for external backup. I think I need to spend another two more days to finish up arranging the data and some software I haven’t yet fully installed into my Window XP. In case, you might asked what pirated software I might using. ^^ Well, I decided to go for all freeware (probably at least 80%) software’s I found very useful and uses less memory resources. I will only need shareware products if I am doing some design or editing photography.

Here are the lists of free software I decided to load into my fresh installed Window XP:

AusLogics Disk DefragDaemon Tool
7-ZipRecuvaRevo UninstallerTeraCopyUnlockerInternet:
Firefox Downloa…