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Coolermaster Contest End Today

Oooo...spending almost three days stalking on my other opponents really took me a while ^^;;;. Well, currently staying in 2nd spot in the contest and awaiting the end announcement from Coolermaster today. But it looks to me there is nothing actually happen. I am expecting this, really. Not even they didn't put up the last special mark and now the delaying ending the contest which was supposed to close at 8.00AM TPE. Well, guess have to just continue to played my Silkroad online and wait for tomorrow.

Blogger Who Got Frag Recently

Shame on U World News:

Another shame mission failure has been reported in Asia. Starboykb who was assigned to attack and infiltrate the enemy base codename called 'RAZER' on June, last month. However, there was a big accident on his missions. His mouse stops working and was force to call for retreat. But his escape was a big failure; he was shot hundred times and blown up by many enemy grenades while trying to escape back to the base. During the interview, we asked Starboykb what was the mistake and failure did he made in his mission?
"I bring da wrong mouse to war, I should had take Razer with me."He cried and was continue beaten up everyday by officers because of his shame mission failure.

Reported by Shame XXX

Hidden Boot Screen in Vista?

I haven't owned any Vista, yet! But if any of you who are interested looking for some hidden treasures in Window Vista, then you are getting one now name 'Aurora' boot screen. Thanks to @shish from for the tips!
The Windows Vista BootScreen is pointless, but Microsoft decided to hide a more visually appealing boot screen that can easily be enabled with very little trouble. I’m not sure why they didn’t make the boot screen better.”*How to make it available* 1. Type msconfig into the start menu search box, and hit enter…
2. Once the System Configuration tool loads , click on the Boot tab
3. Under Boot Options check “No GUI boot” .
4. Click apply and then OK and restart your computer to see the new boot screen. “Note: You may get a Windows Defender error on the next startup. You can enable the system config utility using the tray icon and this error will go away.Enjoy!!!


My cousin told me about the Malaysia Chinese yet wrote another song called Negaraku (My Country) video can be found in Youtube. However, I decided to post it here and one more thing. Its a Chinese song of course.

Seagate says End of IDE

Seems like Seagate decided to say goodbye to all IDE hard disk drive until end of this year. Not sure how the other manufacturers react and if they are going to follow soon. There are still many older PC like Pentium 4 & AthlonXP laying around the world. So one of them might going to continue supporting IDE. Of course, you can't always depend on the backward compatible hardware to run the SATA version HDD, right? I am getting a new Maxtor 250GB IDEHDD soon for my PC and movies storage. It almost reach the limits and I can't burn without full series in my collection. Damn!

RPG Player Got Kidnap

Can't believe there is such crime happen in Brazil. Beat the crap out of the top RPG gamer just for the Gunbound password and thinking about selling it for quick cash? I wonder how did these gangsters ending up getting more stupid idea aiming for something that was not even worth their entire life getting themselves get thrown into jail. But one thing though, I am really proud on this top gamer showing his bravery protecting his stupid password by resisting from the torture during his captive. This gaming world is getting interesting. ^^ An armed gang of four kidnapped one of the world's top RPG gamers after one criminal's girlfriend lured him into a fake date using Google's social network. After sequestering him in Sao Paulo, they held a gun against the victim's head for five hours to get his password, which they wanted to sell for $8,000. And yes, the story gets even better.More at Gizmodo

Top 7 Disgusting Bloggers Blog

This is the most interesting post I ever read from Xia Xue and its causing quite a lot of uproars over at Singapore. Few blogger have already response to her recent post except the one of the disgusting known as Steven Lim record himself a video complaining about her posted in the Youtube. Actually I’m not really understood what he is trying to say as long he using Singlish accent. But anyway, check out his video below. Got complained? Just visit their website instead. Here are the few responders:Ice AngelWell, im not going to start brainlessly criticizing her just because she doesn’t like me. That isn’t a very mature thing to do, and i wouldn't want 20,000 of her fans to come throwing durians at me....Lao Zha BorMy phone was flooded with smses while I'm having a recording in MediaCrop yesterday. My friends urge me to read Xiaxue's blog because she wrote something about me. Xiaxue classified me as the "Top Seven Most Disgusting Bloggers (In the Singapore blogosphere)&…

Blogshares Administrator Found Corruption

I'm not really sure what are the real stories here and I never heard of Blogsphere before. As far I only know they are some kind key player using blogs for stock market. I’m not really sure how it works actually as I never joined or even wanted to join after hearing corruptions stories. It’s really funny I have to tell you guys if you look carefully on the side and look at the lottery bar. Those users won a $billion dollar? Ha! It sure does look something not right at this website.If any of you guys had more lead or stories of this website. I would love to read it.Who is Blogsphere?
BlogShares is a fantasy stock market where weblogs are the companies. Players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs. Blogs are valued by their incoming links and add value to other blogs by linking to them. Prices can go up or down based on trading and the underlying value of the blog.I found this post at Jeremy blog and he also links two of the useful link about the Blogsphere administrator corru…

Finally! Another Blog Update!!!

Phew! Finally finished updating and revised my blog layout. It took me a while to think and test which layout themes may suited for me to place my publisher programs. I decided to reduced and clean up better advertisement place in my layout. I should have taken 3 columns layout as I can’t find the nice themes to take advantage with it but I think I should be better off tried not to place too much advertisement at my blog. However, one thing really sure surprised me is that my feed do have a very well rating between 25-30+ per day reading my blog for after I moved from another host last month. I would like to thank you guys for dropping by my blog just to have a look! ^^;;; hehehe…Alright, lastly I really need to thank to Blogcrowds for providing nice layout themes for free to be used in Blogspot. For those of you looking for nice layout, feel free to drop by there!


I can't think of any name for my post today. ^^;; I was so damn getting crazy building up my scores currently running away from Netherlands. What a difficult opponent I am facing today. A clever guy who hide himself not letting us seeing him collecting the watermark. I was totally surprise he actually made this far and take down Belgium opponent only in two days! Damn that crazy bastard! >_>

The CM tech guys also asked a very good questions, "Don't you people have a life?". Yeah I am starting to asked that myself for a long time. But probably for now, NO! Until the contest end at 31st July, my damn life will never end! HA!!! Of course, I'm not just playing CM watermark only but also joins the other contest as well. It just for extra luck and kept me more entertaining while still playing the watermark game. Phew...this is a madness! Hope I can still maintain my 1st place until end! Curse the Netherlands opponent!!!

Playing in the Office

I simply love 'The Office' movie series when its come with talking humors. Here is one of my favorite part about them playing the Call of Duty PC games in the office.

YEAH!!! Public Holiday Next Week!!!

Woo Hoo!! YEAH!!! Public holiday on next Monday. July 15th will be our country his majesty celebrating his 61th birthday. Same as usual, I will be spending time hitting for more points on the Coolermaster contest. I started really getting tired and seeing possible losing my first place in no time may be next week. BLAH!!!

No More Facing Foreclosure is closing down on August 3rd. Those of you who are interested understanding more on how to avoid foreclosure should start digging more questions from him, before he switch off his website. I never had any trouble with foreclosure before as my country are well control and watch over its people becoming one instead. But I have to say it was a good place to learned about foreclosure on other country like how Casey having his hard time dealing with its current debt. Although there are many haters floating around his blog, he was able to pull so much attentions and even received money for getting rant. Incredible guy isn't it? You guys should head over there while his blog still up! Rant or support him while his blog still alive! ^^;

About Casey Serin
Casey Serin, a 24 yr old "Would-be Real Estate Mogul" from Sacramento. In flipping 8 homes, made "10 Mistakes", with $2.2 million in debt, tried to stop foreclosure, looking to pay off debt,…

Twins Lost $200k Alone in Adsense

I can't really believe this after I read the full post at Rich Twin Poor Twin (source: John Chow) blog. This could probably the first worst cases I ever read from the internet. But the real question is, how the hell did they able to generate such a large income only based on Adsense alone? I am only able to generate total $2.00 starting from last year ^^; until now. I wonder what trick did they perform on their website? "I think one of the possible reasons why we got banned for invalid clicks is because we logged into our accounts during our vacation in LA. Also it is possible that someone found our major sites and click botted for days when we were on vacation. We do not know if any of our sites were attacked or not but we have always purposely kept our personal sites like this blog low in traffic because I was scared that haters would do something like this. We have already appealed the bans but so far nothing but canned responses. There is no phone number or address or any…

Video - Creative Ad

I have to say this is one of the creative advertisement I haven't seen for a long time. You guys should check it out here! Summer Sales

The 20% off sales will last until this Thursday (12th July)! Feel free to check out the discount items over there! Simply click the banner below! Cheers!!!

Job Offer from Friend. Should I Accept It?

It happen on last night. My friend who owned a computer shop are soon to expand its business to the neighboring country. Due to the lack of helper this time, as his other partner will also watch over the neighboring new business. It would be hard for him working alone in the town. That why the offer comes in if I would be interested working with them. To me right now, it was quite a hard decision to make.

I find it hard to think about these offer. Of course he do give me the current salary offer. However, its low compared to my current job but it will continue to raised in the future once the company business become even better. I'm not sure if I want to start over again with low salary because it will be my forth tried. My current financial situations doesn't look quite good for three years now. If I start switching my job this year, nobody would predict what will happen next as I am now in terrible shape now digging for money. I wear my only jean almost four months now and I …

Car Accident Yesterday...

I can't believed I am involved in car accident for the third time by hitting somebody (my first time)else Toyota Corolla passenger side rear. My debt is pilling up this year and now yet again extra fucking repair bill stab into my heart. Not my day and this is not the end of my bad years.
How it happen The driver was actually in front of me when we both were in the t-junction area in KB just waiting for him to moved out from the sliding lane. After that, he moved! That's right he moved, I start accelerate the car. But I didn't expect he would suddenly just stop there a few second. N! BANG! That is where I hit direct on the side rear. Nobody are injured at the time, but their Corolla do look quite bad, as mine, doesn't look quite suspicious except broken side case, bend a bit and front light bulb burn out. :sad:
I don't even know if I had the right to blame anything on them, but I had to admitted I was the one who are wrong. Why? Nothing you could argue about (depend o…

A Rabbit and a Turtle Race

If you are a computer freaks, then you might already know Coolermaster is celebrating their 15th anniversary. At the same time they are also organized a contest which can be found on their website and forums. Currently, I am participating at CM watermark contest. Probably the worst and torture contest I ever joined on the internet. I am now in the first place trying to run away from my opponent from Malaysia. He is the only one who still chasing me because I caught him surprise on last week as I throw almost all my time on it. He sure does putting me into pressure when I was in second as he doesn't give up hitting the watermark (even now). Its hard for me (as a employer) to challenge a freeman who are still on holiday (he said that in the forum) for nearly three weeks by now! I can't believed he had so much time staying at home just clicking. Winning a new CM Cosmos casing is easy but winning a CM Real Power 850 WATT PSU is another story. If he can't stop hitting for mor…